Thursday … Because We Need Happy Dog Photos Right Now !!!

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Mother Nature, as of late, has been having some serious PMS.

The weather was nice and warm, then temperatures plummeted into negative territory. Yesterday it SNOWED all afternoon and well into the night. Today, it was cold, wet, very windy, and it was pouring down rain all day into tonight.

Really !!!

And I had things to do today, but that really did not matter.

We were told that the water would be off until 4 p.m. this afternoon, because they were working on the buildings water pumping systems. There are two. From the first floor to the tenth, and the other for the higher floors.

Knowing the water wasn’t coming on, I slept in a bit. At 2 p.m. the water came back on. I flushed the toilet, and ran the shower to bleed the pipes. But I was hearing water running above my head, and all around the bathroom.

It seems, the pipes burst on the 19 floor above us.

In December, the apartment building spent thousands of dollars renovating our bathroom, as well as a few others. The day after they finished, my upstairs neighbor, flooded his bathroom, and we had more water damage coming from the ceiling around the seams where the walls meet the ceiling. (read: All brand new dry wall and paint).

This afternoon, I am hearing water gurgling in the walls themselves. The the water broke through our ceiling, and began to bubble up under the paint. Running down through the wall system inside the paint, and at floor level was coming up through the floors, where the floor meets the walls.

We have an air vent in the bathroom, that leads out through the balcony to send air into the bathroom from outside. Now it was a waterfall. In the end there was two inches of water in my bathroom.

My bathroom, is inside the bedroom proper. Water was coming down the walls, and through to the carpet in the bathroom. Along my bathroom wall, inside the bedroom proper, I have my books stacked against the wall.

The bedroom, closet and bathroom flooded out.

They got soaked wet. I had to throw the ones that were on the bottom away because they were ruined.

The access hatch to our water works is inside the bedroom closet where the clothes hang on that particular wall. Water was coming through the wall, into the closet. All of our shirts got soaked. The carpet was flooded.

I ran downstairs in a panic because the water was pouring out of the ceiling fast and furiously. It seems that the upper pipes burst and flooded several floors, bathrooms.

Eventually the super came up and vacuumed the water, but the carpet is still wet, and I came home, to find towels on the floor, that are soaked, because water is still leaking into the bathroom from above. UGH !!!

They took pictures of the water damage and said that it would all be fixed, AGAIN !

I had an appointment at the bank at 4 p.m., then I was supposed to meet a friend before the meeting, THEN we opened a new meeting on the M.A. side, just a couple of stops up the Metro, that started at 7:30.

God laughed at me…

Oh really, you made plans huh? Well, I have plans of my own for you instead.

I had to move all my books, into the living room, where they are sitting at this hour. I had to empty the closet so that they could vacuum water up, then put everything back when they finished.

I needed to go grocery shopping, at some point. And it was pouring rain.

I really am not willing to go out in the pouring rain to do anything.

But I had to shop. Because I have plans tomorrow afternoon that I have to make.

So I went and shopped. The cleaners came and did their work.

It was now 6 p.m. I thought that I would hit the Thursday meeting instead because it was close, but my friend cancelled on me, so I was clear to hit the new meeting like I was supposed to all along.

I hit the Metro, up two stops, and got lost coming out an entrance I never use, so I was all discombobulated. I walked in circles for a bit, then found my way. I got the the church, and all the doors were locked, the parking lot was flooded and snow was piled up in ruts.

I fell on my ass, in a cold, wet puddle of rain and snow.

Finally I found an open door, and then found the hall they rented us.

Aside from the folks who attend the Mon/Sat meeting, we had two visitors to the new space. And we had what we call a “Topic Jar” meeting. Which is an anonymous drop in the tub topic and we pull them out randomly and discuss.

That was a good format.

Aside from the flood, and being royally fucked mentally and emotionally, I hit a meeting, because that’s what I needed after the afternoon that took place.

It is supposed to rain/flurry tomorrow and Saturday. UGH …

I have a massage on the East End at 3:30, and a meeting set with a friend at 5:30. We will see how that all works out.

I’m not holding my breath …

Until tomorrow …