Monday – Le Square Photo Update


If you look closely at this photo, the concrete building in the background, to the left of frame, below the Lambert Closse street sign, you see windows and balconies. If you count down from the top, the top floor being twenty, three below the seventeenth floor, you can see, exactly where I live. That is my building back there. Looking this way towards Le Square and Cabot Square.


This morning I got up and sat and watched Le Square, pour the eleventh floor of the condo building. Later in the day I was at the store, and took a couple of snaps of the build as it is today.

The ground floor looks amazing, Lots of columns and high ceilings. They have framed the second and third floor windows and balconies, as you will see. To the right of frame, you can see columns that go up from the ground to the third floor, which is quite possibly, or may be a grand entrance. I haven’t looked at the plans on the website, just a guess.

The fourth floor is coming along, as framing is going up there as well.



This will be an ongoing photo journal of progress. La Catherine is tucked away in a pit and behind barrier walls, and I only get a partial shot from my balcony. When they get above the first floor I will be able to document progress.

Tuesday April 26 – 12th floor built and is prepping for pour later this week. 2 more floors to go, 14 and 15.

More to Come.