Friday -Now

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The weather is holding. Our days are in the mid teens, and the nights have remained in the low single positive digits. Anything below 10c requires a jacket, or an extra layer and a sweatshirt.

Yesterday, we celebrated our first complete month of our new meeting on the M.A. side, here on the Eastern end of Downtown, at St. James United. The meeting has been popular and we are above the water in prudent reserve, so that is a good thing.

The format we choose to run with, the “Topic Jar” is very popular. Folks seems to enjoy that format, within the small room we occupy, and instead of sitting around a large “room” we have a large table, akin to a “Study group” table in a university setting.

The more intimate venue and the choice of the jar, lent to discussion from my fellows that I had not previously heard from them. Most of the members of the Thursday group, also attend regularly, the Monday/Saturday meeting up at Cote St. Catherine.

Today was busy. Hubby had the day off, so I had to change things up a bit, but it all worked out. I had an early meeting, came home, and had a little while before I had to turn around and leave again.

We sat an uber full house tonight, and we listened to the sweetest melody, all of our friends in the same place, reciting the Serenity Prayer.

Pure Joy.

The builds in the neighborhood, are progressing. Le Square is stalled on twelve this week, as they had to pour the elevator banks for the remaining two final floors. However, on the ground floor, the framing out has moved ahead. They are hanging the duct work and filling out the back wall which sits against the old blockage of older buildings that were not torn down in that section of the block. They have moved to the fourth floor with the window cladding, and build out.

Closer to home, La Catherine is into the ground floor build. They are not building across the site, but in sections. The front of the building is set, with large columns and high ceilings. I’m not sure what that floor is going to look like yet, because it is coming along in sections and not a floor wide pour. They are using the crane to move cement from the side alleys, and street side access points.

Time for the weekend.