Friday – The Great Condo Battle – Update May 5, 2016

IMG_0095 crop

The great condo battle is about over. Le Square, poured their fourteenth floor two days ago, and today they set the fifteenth floor. The elevator shaft needs to be poured just yet, and then the final phase, the roof of the building.

The build out on the lower floors continues, with reaching the fifth floor. They have fitted out the lower floors, with the addition of windows and balcony access. On the ground floor, behind barricade walls, they are completing the fitting out. Concrete block walls have gone up, duct work is being completed, and framing is up. We can see this progress via windows carefully placed along the barricade wall around the structure.

Completion of the build will definitely be finished this month, with work continuing to outfit the building. Things are moving ahead very quickly. The open date is set for the end of year 2016.


The completed Le Square to compare …

IMG_0096 crop b

La Catherine, (in the foreground) poured the ground floor a few days ago, and the frontage of the build is complete, we can see it above the barricade out front on Ste. Catherine’s Street.

The second floor is “in build process” and they are pouring concrete for the forms moving up from the first floor to the second.

la catherine

The completed La Catherine for comparison.


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