Friday – June Books – Tour La Nuit


The festival season in Montreal is open. The first of many “Bicycle” related events began this evening, with the running of Tour La Nuit up on the Plateau.

Due to the closure of many streets later in the evening, we set off uber early to get to the church, before the cops shut the streets down in the Plateau-Outremont district.

When the streets shut down, the buses are shut down as well. That tempered the numbers at the meeting tonight. We were down half the group, and the meeting ended up on the small side. I did not have anything to contribute, I just listened.

On the way home, we walked through Mount Royal park where a carnival had been set up, complete with a swinging pirate ship and a merry go round. Mount Royal (street) was closed as well, for the first of many street festivals.

Several events were going on all over, which with the good weather tonight, people were out in droves. It’s a good thing to be able to walk all over the plateau, from station to station, and all in between.

The most exciting thing today was that my books that I ordered from Indigo came in the mail today. A HUGE book box. I didn’t know these two books were big reads.


The first book, Far and Away, Andrew Solomon: Reporting from the Brink of Change: Seven Continents, Twenty Five Years.


The Second book, Redemption Road, John Hart.

I’ve said before the Indigo is very good at recommendations. I spent a couple of hours the other night, writing reviews of all the books I have read over the past few months. Sometimes a simple review does the trick and gets a book into a higher circulation, because you’ve read it and left a review.

Reader reviews are serious business. They can either lift or kill a book.

Both these books above, got rave reviews. The read from the jacket, and the associated reviews sold me on this selection. I don’t know Andrew Solomon, but from the review and the book notes, it sounded like a good choice. The book is thick and piqued my interest.

John Hart has several books on offer, and before I bought, I went to read his reviews. Some were kind, others were not.

The problem with prolific writers is that if you write an excellent book, that gets awards, is widely read, and highly praised by press and other authors, the odds of stringing together several books that reach that benchmark are slim.

And in my reading, I’ve read authors who have a vast collection under their belts. Donna Tartt, has three books in the offing. The Goldfinch was her BEST work, and a Pulitzer Prize Winner, was the best book I have ever read.

Her other two books, waned. Because she employs the same method in all her books, as to her writing style. I read The Goldfinch, WINNER, The Secret History, was BLAH, and The Little Friend, BOOO ! I put down because I got bored with the story.

Kathy Reichs, on the other hand, a very prolific writer of criminal forensic investigations, I’ve read every one of her books. I started at the beginning and read to the end, more than a dozen books. She is an excellent writer. Every book stands on its own. And as she wrote them she got better and better. I enjoyed the entire collection.

John Hart, author of Redemption Road, has several books on offer. Redemption has the highest praise factor, as well as rave reviews. The other two books, were more sedate in reviews. The last, was poorly reviewed.

That is the curse of a writer. When you write a stellar book, and it gets traction, and is a winner, like I said, the odds of hitting that expectation mark more than once, is slim. And it seems that that was his case.

But reading is personal. One may find a hit, where others may not, and it falls to the reader to make his or her own judgment, based on their read.

I have all weekend to read, and that is exactly what I am going to do.

A life without books, is no life at all …

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