Saturday Overnight – Phenomena


Do your electronics ever go crazy in ways that are unusual ?

My history with the paranormal exists. The comings and goings of family, on the other side, are huge parts of who I am. This has been going on since I was a kid.

I get visited. that’s what I can say about that.

Last night, Friday, I came home from the Friday event and I have my I phone plugged into the wall socket in the dining room, where I sit my phone when I am home. Plugged in charging. usually this is nothing to write home about.

But last night, I plugged it in, and when you dock an I phone you get a tone that rings, each time you dock it. From the time I got home, until I went to bed, my phone seemed to be on surge mode. It was amped on something. It kept ringing over and over and over …

So when I went to bed, I UN-plugged the phone cord and plugged it in by my bedside. And once again, it began to surge again, beeping and ringing and going crazy.

I turned the radio on, because we listen to overnight radio in bed, while I read. The radio is on, as usual, a normal occurrence. But last night, there was an eerie whine coming through the channel, on top of what was going on, on the radio.

That lasted about ten minutes, because it was so annoying, I turned to radio off and turned back to my book.

The radio is going crazy, the phone is on surge mode and going crazy.

I unplug the phone, remove the USB adapter from the cord, and I plugged it into the computer itself, and the surging stops as well as the beeping dock reminder, and did not make a sound the rest of the night.

Meanwhile, in computer land, our modem seems to have a mind of its own, because as of late, whenever we sit down to surf, the modem recycles itself and we get knocked off line until the cycle begins again. Which happened several times last night and even to this hour of the late morning.

Tonight, I take the cord and the USB connector and I plug my phone in the dining room, one ring, docking successful, not a further sound.

When I went to bed, same thing. I transferred the phone to the bedside and one ring, docking successful, not another sound from it all night long. It’s after 4 am right now.

The radio … clear signal, like nothing was happening.

When my cousin Carol died, two pigeons arrived on my balcony and have been here every night and every day since. Birds – a common theme for dead relatives for me.

But Two ??? Go figure.

For the last couple of weeks, no birds. I don’t even seen them roosting on the buildings nearby as usual. They are just gone, and where they went I don’t know, but they aren’t roosting on my balcony at night any longer.

Now I either did not get the message or that was just a fluke. But the omens are clear to me, when birds appear at the apartment, and even more so, when they stick around for a long period of time.

Someone is visiting. And funny it may be, but during the day when the birds were here, I spoke to them,  and tried to figure out why they were around, note to self, pigeons are not very communicative.

In the past, when I spoke to the birds in residence, I would get a serious response one way or another. That actually did happen, several times.

Grammy and Memere returned to me in their own ways. I actually saw them in spirit form in my bedroom, and Memere spoke to me and dictated letters and I did write in her hand and sent them to my mother. To this day I figure she thinks I am totally insane.

Electronic interference ? Paranormal communication ? Just a figment of my imagination ?

All these electronic abnormal things are all going on at the same time, and have not occurred in the past, since the day I got my I phone.

Tonight as I was reading, I heard it in my head, a familiar voice. And I knew it was familiar, like it only confirmed what I thought was going on. It was a contact attempt.

I just did not get the WHO involved.

I turned on the computer and wrote my aunt and my cousin, because we all have some serious paranormal experiences we all spoke about when Carol died a few months ago. And after talking to my cousin Sandy, I am truly convinced that we are spiritually connected to the other side, and that spirits exist, and they visit.

My cousin’s Yoga studio in White Rock B.C. is a vortex of spiritual activity. With mediums in the building, it was confirmed that the visiting souls to the studio were attracted by the auras of the yoga participants as they did their yoga.

My uncle Guy, is clairvoyant, he lives not far from me here in Quebec. He has a gift of healing, because there is a story of my cousins daughter getting burned by fire. And they called Guy, here, and he told them what to do with a piece of leather work he had given them, and miraculously, the burn disappeared and she was healed, across the country.

Do you believe ? I sure do.

I wrote both my aunt and cousin telling them this story tonight.

Hopefully I will figure out just what happened last night.

Was someone trying to get my attention ? maybe …

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