The Changing Neighborhood


This past week the neighborhood reached a milestone. Le Square is almost fully built out with primary drywall up on all fifteen floors. The first image is the frontal view, as you see, there are huge floor to ceiling window spaces that have not yet been built out. But on the backside in photo two, the fifteen floors are almost fully built out. The ground floor retail spaces have been fitted out with windows, and also, you can see in this photo how many windows and balcony suites have been completed. You can see the build out platform connected to the building itself bringing build materials up and down the building.

lesquare 15

La Catherine, foreground, in this photo, is completing its fifth floor, they are on a 7 to 10 day build schedule, before they pour the floor. This build is a lot more intricate in the materials and how they are building, versus the way LE Square went up so very quickly. Not to mention, La Catherine has a small build crew of only a dozen men, so the build is taking much longer.

The third image is of the rain storm we had the other day, I took the photo as rain was beginning to fall over Verdun an the river. You can actually see, rain falling.

rain falling

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