Friday … Change is Never Easy


I took a few days off from writing, because I’ve just been emotionally numb. Over the past month or so, the blog sphere has lost a number of writers, I have followed for a long time. And in other social media area, friends of mine have gone silent, because the mediums are changing widely, from what their intentions were some time ago.

I have taken the advice of friends to cut away people, places and things that do not feed my life, hence, I have deleted a huge number of blogs I used to read, regularly, because of the vitriol that has been published across the web, that I just cannot stomach any longer.

My conviction stands, “If it does not affect me directly, then I don’t need to read or see it.” I get enough news via my television, I just don’t need to consume it during my day, online.

Last night, I watched the BBC online as the votes came in on BREXIT.

I am not politically savvy, so I don’t want to speak towards a story that I don’t fully understand. But suffice to say, The elder generation, by vote numbers, have voted to remove the UK from the European Union. The youth vote, by numbers were high for the STAY decision.

Was this a good decision, I don’t know. And what will happen to the UK once this decision moves forwards. Change is never easy.

Borders, Immigration, Jobs, Financial Security, Young and Old, so many factors have come to be in play with this decision.

I will watch and see how this plays out, along with you.

In other news, My updated meeting schedule came into effect this week. After hours and days of thought, I am somewhat disillusioned with people in the rooms. And I am not so keen to speak in the rooms, trust has become a paramount issue for me, and so, with that, I turn to those friends I trust the most to carry me forwards for the foreseeable future.

My inner circle of friends are few in number, and they know who they are. And I have told them all so, recently.   It has been a strange week, meeting wise. My brain is still numb and I am working to take care of me. I’ve been sitting in meetings, and just listening to my friends and fellows speak, rather than talking myself. I’m not sure how long that will last, I guess, until I find my footing again. And that might take some time.

Wednesday, I have a job to do for Baby Mama, the last task, that needs to be completed, to move the final items of furniture to where they need to go, and to finally turn the keys in to the manager on Thursday. With that task completed, Baby Mama’s chapter in Montreal will come to an end.

Tonight, Rafa and I walked our last walk home from the meeting. He is leaving Montreal on Monday. We had an early dinner together in Jean Mance Park, and had DQ on the way home. My Friday ritual with my best friend is finished.

At least, there is a room in their new apartment for me to stay in when I go to visit.

The focus of this blog will be changing a bit, as I change, so does what I will be writing about and sharing with you. For the next little while, I will be exploring what this next portion of my sober journey will look like, with people coming and going, and regrouping with my inner circle.

The summer is going to be difficult with so many people gone or moved away. Keeping the meetings open and on script will definitely change, as numbers drop drastically. The M.A. fellowship has taken a direct hit on population and attendance these past few weeks, and it is not going to get any easier. So we are just going to have to wing it for the time being.

I have said before that certain friends, are paying closer attention to me, than I am paying attention to me. So they provided me with things to do, and kept me “In the circle,” because I had pondered leaving the circle for a while, and it was as if, one of my friends had read my mind, and gave me certain direction as to what he thought I should be doing now. And it was a good thing too.

This, and next weekend are long weekends for us. Today was a provincial holiday for Quebec, and next weekend is Canada Day. July is a very serious month. I mark two specific dates in the month of July. One, the day I was diagnosed, in 1994, July 8th, 12:00 noon, and Two, my birthday, July 31st, Harry Potter and I share One Great Day.

Stay tuned …

Thank you to all those who have subscribed and for all of you who still read.

Welcome …

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