Sunday Sundries … What In the World Is Going On ???

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Wow, it has been a while since I have sat down and written anything. Not that there isn’t anything to write about. It’s just, we have to be politically correct, and use the right words, and support the right groups, and be mindful of everybody out there, so as not to offend anyone’s sensibilities.

UGH !!!

Terrible things have happened over the last week. Watching the world go to hell in a hand basket is rough. What kind of lunatic, drives a truck, down a road, packed with Bastille Day participants, on one of the most beautiful places on the Mediterranean?

I’ve read many articles over the past few days, and France is right in the middle of the cross hairs, and it seems that there are too many disenfranchised people in many different locations in France.

There are certain communities in France who are suffering a great deal, because many are disenfranchised, poor, immigrants, with no way round to upward mobility, and all it takes are the right words, to incite pent up anger and frustrations, into terrible consequences, on unsuspecting citizens, who, I am sure, live in fear for their lives, daily !

Then you have everybody else.

I can imagine what it feels like to not be able to go out in public, without having to constantly look over ones shoulders, and spend your time outdoors, learning where NOT to go, and what NOT to do, and having to judge your surroundings all the time.

Terrorism does not respect country, people or circumstance.

Terrorism IS a scourge on the world, and try as governments might, to collect useful intelligence, and keep the people safe from harm, terrorists are in their hovel neighborhoods, planning to blatantly kill people indiscriminately.

Canada might be an ocean away, but we have had our handful of events over the past two years, that tells us that even here, we are not immune. Social Media and the Internet has taken that safety away from the world at large.

We might be eternally connected to our I Pads, Phones and MP3 players, and it seem that nobody is paying attention, but we are. Our mayor ensures us our safety, here in Montreal, and that is all well and good, but I still find myself, surveying bus passengers, and being vigilant on the Metro and in the stations. Because it only takes one crazy person to ruin a good day.

Constant Vigilance is the phrase of the day right now.

If you see something, SAY SOMETHING.

Cop Killing has become a real sport lately. A very sad state of affairs, below the Northern Border. I was talking to a friend before the meeting and he said that the difference in gun laws between Canada and the U.S. are light years apart.

I’m not sure what Montreal would do, if crazed and angry citizens went out into the streets and began to kill cops here. That would be unheard of. And after Texas, three more cops are dead in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and several others are injured.

It seems that some in the U.S. are living in Biblical Times, running on the thought of

“An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.”

It seems that a few believe that the only revenge for killing black men, is to kill white men in return. Because nobody is paying attention to “Black Lives Matter folks.”

So let’s all say it together … “BLACK LIVES MATTER ”

Now we got that out of the way, can we find a way to exact retribution in a more humane and civil way ? Not all cops are dirty rotten scoundrels, who want nothing better than to kill innocent citizens just because of the color of their skin.

And it is a hard sell when there are those who will KILL first and ask questions Later. It serves no purpose and turns all of law enforcement into targets for trigger happy citizens, who want to exact retribution directly on ANY law enforcement personnel. There are more than a few BAD APPLES in the BUCKET and that has tainted every Good Cop out there, who believe in Law and Order, Respect and Dignity.

Tempers are really running high and I fear that what is going on down south is only going to get worse, which could turn to anarchy in the streets, if they cannot move towards resolution and peace.

Changing gun laws, immediately, will not curb the killing in the streets. And the Gun Lobby will never allow real change to at least, calm trigger happy people.

There is so much bad blood circulating in the bodies of the general public that unless we can find a way to stop the violence, more bloodshed will take place.

I’m not sure who needs to be listening and doing something to stop the carnage, but in my observations, the men and women in government who need to do something to stop this, are safely ensconced in their crystal caves in Washington, impervious to what is going on around them, who are protected heavily, with total job security, and their will to do something RIGHT is not even a thought.

Because if they DID something RIGHT, they would piss off the wrong people, and they would loose valuable support and political protection.

The Government FOR the People and BY the people, does not exist.

And people do not have the ability to do anything political right now, until the next election, and in that spectrum, INSANITY is the rule of the day right now.

So what are they doing to make change ? They are marching in the streets, rioting and killing as indiscriminately as the cops are, so who is right and who is wrong ?

And how do we find the other side, and WHEN ?

What goes on in other countries, goes on here. So do not think we are not connected to the reality of world strife right now.

People have been gathering. Marching, Shouting and Protesting.

Black Lives Matter folks were in the park, up the block all day yesterday. People are gathering at foreign consulates paying respects to our counterparts overseas. Vigils continue day and night in Montreal.

We are very engaged with the world at large.

We need to find PEACE. We need to find SERENITY. We need to find a WAY OUT of this before things really get out of hand, and reach the tipping point into insurrection and anarchy.

That is all I got right now.



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