Friday – Poke “What?”


Last night, our little neighborhood was inundated with Pokemon Go players, all night long. When Pokemon Go came to life, it did not roll out “all over the world” at once, but in stages “by location.” People had it downloaded into their phones well before the Canadian release date.

And last night, they went stark raving MAD …

Cabot Square, just up the block became a Poke-stop with a sighting of a RARE Pokemon, I forget what it was, I heard it on the news last night, in any case, a mob of players descended on the neighborhood, in their cars, on bicycles, and on foot.

Traffic was jammed in all directions, the neighbors called the cops to complain about the crowd and the associated noise that came with it. The cops stayed on scene for hours, making sure no one got killed or hurt in the crowd fun.

This afternoon, I walked up Tupper to check out La Catherine build progress, and ended up in the park, and there must have been over a hundred people sitting in the park, with their phones in hand, looking for Pokemon.

Aside from snark and people who have no idea or the inclination to play along, are skeptical of all this hype. But, honestly, it has brought communities out together, playing a common game “together.” They are peaceful and there have been NO reports of damage or injury as of tonight.

In the Forum building today, they opened a PokeStop with artists and charging stations for people to charge their phones. That was a lot of fun actually.

People need to see just how beautiful this end of downtown has become, from what it looked like long ago. Cabot Square was refurbished and that was intended to bring the people to the park all the time. That was the city’s main goal.

The weather has been HOT and HUMID. Lightening is flashing across the sky at this hour and we are expecting storms overnight, last night was the same. The city proper has escaped damaging rain and storm winds. But other areas outside the city were not so lucky.

Tonight we gathered for the Friday event. We are still pulling BIG numbers, for the summer season. Last week, I began another round of Steps “ALA New York City.”

There are three of us sitting on Sunday afternoons at the church, myself, a lady friend I know and our fearless leader, who is first generation in this series, working with 40 other folks sitting on Saturday afternoons on the East End.

As soon as first Gen’s start the work, they are turning around and taking others, Second Gen, along with them. The TAG LINE … HOW FREE DO YOU WANT TO BE ?

Thank God we don’t live in the U.S. because it is getting very nasty out there. I do, in fact, have registered to vote in November as a Democrat Abroad.

Earlier tonight, we heard Hillary’s response to last night’s acceptance Speech by Mr. Blow Hard.

More to come time for dinner.


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