Sunday Sundries: She Said My Name

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It has been an exciting week all around. “The Work” continues in serving our young men and women in many places. So it’s all good.

She Said My Name …

I call Baby Mama every day. And I have conversations with baby Lu Lu every day as well. She is growing up so fast. And in the past few weeks, she has amassed a number of words, she sings songs, because we sing her songs on the phone when we speak, and lately she has been singing along.

The other night, Lu Lu was in the bath, while Mama and I were talking, and Mama said to Lu Lu that she was talking to Jeremy … And for the first time in her young life, Lu Lu said my name for the first time. She’s been hearing it for over a year. She not only said my name, but she was singing to me in the bathtub … “Jeremy is in the bath, lalalalalala…”

It brought tears to my eyes.

It was a good weekend. We welcomed new men and women to our M.A. meeting on Saturday, and we set them with a plan of action, in addition to their rehab schedules. It was a good thing, some of our women came as well, because they all got hooked up.

This evening, we met at the church for the next phase of “The Work.” I’ve got a new sponsor, and SHE is taking me along with her in the Big Book Study, with another lady friend from the meeting.

The Big Book, never changes. Well, the first 164 pages that is. And we were reading “There is a Solution,” and the thought came to me that, I’ve been reading this book for fifteen years, that very same book, I read when I came in, and today I read with new insight the text that helped get those first 100 people sober in the 30’s and 40’s.

We are reminded that back then, they had no support for themselves, alcoholics, all they had, were each other. And for Bill and Bob, the only way they could keep what they had was to go “Out There” and find some down and out drunk and tell their stories.

Tonight, we talked about “Our Stories,” and how important each of our stories are.

Our Big Book Homework for this week is to read, Dr. Bob’s Nightmare, from the back of the book. But I used his story in the reading for the evening’s meeting.

After Dr.Bob heard Bill’s story, he had listened, but the next few days were telling. On his mind, was his ego, because the only thing he wanted to do, was to attend a professional meeting in Atlantic City, where he spent the bulk of his time there, DRUNK.

After that bender, June 10th 1935 … was the day he took his last drink.

Funny, that in the end, Bill Wilson, chose Dr. Bob’s sobriety date (June 10th 1935) to mark the beginning of the fellowship of A.A. Bill did not use his own date, but the date that marked the first time Bill carried the message to another suffering alcoholic.

I did not realize that until we talked about it tonight.

On any given day, while sitting in a meeting, you might say something that changes the life of someone sitting in that same meeting. You Just Never Know.

A friend of mine, who’s been in a few years, but hasn’t been around much, lately, showed up tonight, and I was like Holy Shit, Look who’s here. We share a friendship with Rafa, so while we were in the meeting, I cheated a little and texted Rafa while I was listening to the shares go round the room. So I could tell my friend that Rafa had said hello while we were sitting together.

After the meeting, he came up and asked me some questions, about The Work. I did not have his number, but I do tonight. And my friend is supposed to call me tomorrow.

Like the Long Horns say … “Hook Em !!!”

The book does say … “If you want what we have and are willing to go to any length to get it, THEN you are ready to take certain steps.”

These are the most important words coming out of How It Works.

Hit a meeting and listen to the reader, read this passage. We hear it at every meeting. Not many people, take the time and due diligence, in reading it, rather choosing to rifle through it like machine gun fire ….

Mind the pauses, the commas, and the periods. Love the reading, don’t rush through it.

More will be revealed.

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