Friday – BOOKS !! David Thomas

pope auschwitz one

I’ve had my nights filled with books for as long as I can remember. I usually shop for books based on a name, or title, or a genre. I usually know what I am looking for when I hit Indigo, here at home.

I also shop on our Indigo book seller website, and recommendations have proven to be very good. The last bunch of books I’ve read, were REALLY good. Pulitzer Prize Winners are usually that good.

The last time I went book shopping, well, the last two times I was in the shop itself, I went in COLD. Not knowing neither what I wanted to read, nor whom.

I got to the T’s and picked up two books. The first was “Mysterious Fragrance of the Yellow Mountains,” by Yasuko Thanh. I’m still reading.


The second was “Ostland” by David Thomas.

Ostland is a story about a German detective, Georg Heuser who joins the Murder Squad to find a murderer. And in the process of the story, finds himself working for the Nazis and Hitler’s Final Solution.

It is a story about the Holocaust, in a way. A story about how men were recruited from jobs where they were human and worked to help their fellow man, to be turned into animals with no consciences, who kill their fellow man.

This is one serious story of human DE-evolution.

Meantime, a second story is being weaved around the first. Paula Sierbert “Is the sole woman in a federal unit investigating at large Nazi war criminals. Among the indicted one name stands out: Georg Heuser. Siebert is haunted by one question: could this possibly be the same man as the trailblazing police detective ? The answer lies buried in the desolate wastes of the vast Russian landmass Hitler’s forces occupied during World War II and turned into a massive killing field … the place the Nazis called Ostland.

I have to say that picking up this book was a really good find. It was a terrible story, all stories about the Holocaust, no matter, from what direction that story is approached, is terrible.

I was entranced by the story. I could not put the book down. I traveled to Ottawa by bus a couple of weekends ago, and I used that time wisely to read this book.


Last week, I went back to Indigo and picked up a second book, written by David Thomas. That book is called Blood Relative.


This is a story about a couple, living in the UK. Mariana a beautiful bombshell blond from Germany, a Germany that is partitioned by the Berlin Wall. What happens to her parents and unfortunately, Mariana, unwinds within these pages.

What spurs the need to find out just what happened to Mariana, begins back at home, where Peter, her husband, begins his quest to learn the truth about his wife, after she murders his brother, Andy, in a fit of blind rage, after coming face to face with questions about her past, by a man who carries clues to her behavior on him.

Another spell binding book that is Masterfully written.

If you are a book lover like me, then these two books should find themselves on your read list.

I am working on a fourth book, The Hero’s Walk, by Anita Rau Badami.



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