Monday Madness – If The Shoe Fits, Wear It.


Well, you heard it here first folks. The threat of open rebellion, second amendment measures, riots, shootings and racial and religious strife will come down on the population if one certain imbecile is not elected into the presidency.

The basket of deplorables, and that is exactly what they are, are not going to go quietly into that good night, by any stretch of the imagination.

God help us, really !!!

Political correctness be damned. There are some seriously fucked up people out there, willing to believe just about anything, unto rebellion and Armageddon, even when there are solid facts and truth out there for public consumption, there are just those out there, on the fringe, that will forgive anything for the idea of political rebellion against the establishment. The election is rigged, there is a media/Clinton conspiracy going on so that one particular imbecile does not get elected, so forth and so on.

You get the idea …

The utter stupidity and gullibility of the massive hoards of deplorables is seriously frightening. And we should all be afraid, BE VERY AFRAID !!!

Nuff said about that …

This photo taken yesterday evening, was at St. Leon’s, just outside the hall door. The hues of radiant color were amazing, with the shimmering rain that fell during the afternoon. The neighborhood is resplendent in colors, that are much deeper than in past fall seasons. The conditions have to be just right for maximum coloring of the trees.

The issues with my I-Tunes account, my I Tunes on my PC and my I Phone have been resolved after months of them not syncing correctly. Last night I fiddled with the phone and I plugged it into the system and voila … I got the program screen which allowed me to update my sync settings, and all the new music I had purchased and was sitting in my account, quietly synced to my phone and I have new music to listen to, not that I have been listening to ANY music because of my fixation with the Almighty Podcast.

Which segues nicely into the next section.

POD CASTS – The best thing to come along since sliced bread …

Here is my list of what is currently in rotation:

  • The Art of Charm
  • This American Life – I love this Podcast
  • Harry Potter and the Sacred Text – What if we Read Harry Potter as a Sacred Text
  • The Orbiting Human Circus of the Sky – Night Vale Presents
  • Beautiful Stories from Anonymous- Also Fantastic
  • Daily Kos Radio
  • Slate’s Whistlestop
  • Death, Sex and Money
  • Radio Lab
  • W.T.F. with Marc Maron – Irreverent fun
  • LORE
  • Welcome to Night Vale
  • Real Time with Bill Maher
  • The Ezra Klein Show
  • Ted Talks (Audio)
  • The No Sleep Podcast
  • Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin
  • Sleep with Me, Bedtime Stories
  • Slate’s Placemakers

Not all of these podcasts update every day. So your choice of what to listen to varies, based on their publication days. Some are bi-monthly, Some weekly, some daily, it just varies. I’ve more than doubled my listening library, after finding myself wanting, when my original lists did not publish often enough for nightly listening.

The other night I went through my top 150 on the Pod Cast App, and selected a few more for my library.

What am I reading, you might ask …

  • Innocent Blood – James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell – Book 1
  • The Blood Gospel – James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell – Book 2
  • Blood Infernal – James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell – Book 3
  • Far and Away – Andrew Solomon – Still working my way through this tome
  • Consumed – Aaron Mahnke
  • The Hero’s Walk – Anita Rau Badami
  • The Book of Mormon – my secret activity

I have all these books. The trilogy from James Rollins, I have read before, a couple of years ago, but the books were not mine to keep, and just recently, I met the man I was trading books with for a long time, at a new meeting I am attending on Monday nights, and I could not remember the author, but he did. So I went to Indigo and bought the trilogy for my library. I had not read book 3 yet, so I started there. Now I am reading book 1 all over again.

Far and Away is a large book, and I am still reading through it. Andrew’s book is really good, I’ve been reading it on and off since I bought it.

The Hero’s Walk, I’ve also been picking it up and putting it down over and over.

Aaron Mahnke’s books are great, and he also has his Podcast, so if I am not reading, I am listening.

Finally, A few weeks ago, I started a conversation, which I have kept to myself. Which led to The Book of Mormon. Interesting seeing I am a Religion Major.

Stay tuned. Things will get progressively worse, you can count on that.



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