Wednesday – The Day After – Dignity, Respect, Unity



Last night, the people spoke, and they spoke loudly. The many voters who voted came out of the shadows and voted their conscience. The great thing about Democracy is that we have a right to vote, to be heard, to enact change, and to take the country where we believe it should go.

And the tilt in the vote and the voices that made it happen, decided on President Elect Trump. We all may not agree with those who voted in great numbers to make this decision, BUT we must respect the will of the people.

We must go on with our lives. Just because the country elected Donald Trump, does not mean that your life comes to an end. Or that your way of life comes to an end. It does not mean that you will be forgotten or seen as unimportant.What was spoken was that many voters want their lives to CHANGE for the BETTER.

You must move forwards with dignity and respect. Whatever your life looks like today, will only change if you either allow it to go down the drain, or you step up and make your life count for something better than it has been.

It is WE who have the power to change OUR lives. It is WE who have the power to Change society, our towns, villages, suburbs and cities. After every election, people step back and try to parse what just happened and how we are going to move forwards.

That is where UNITY comes into play. We must speak with ONE voice. We must maintain our dignity and respect, while we steadily encourage our leader to do the RIGHT thing.

We must not loose hope because Hillary did not win. The vast numbers of Trump voters were just too many to allow her a comfortable or landslide win.

I called this weeks ago to a major political writer, telling him that we should be prepared for the silent, hidden Trump voters. Because there was a good chance that they would make the difference in this election, and they certainly did.

The country will go on as it always had. And it falls to US to make the difference in the world we get in the end. YOU have the power to make change happen, where ever you are, whatever your social status, no matter your race, creed, color, or religion.

The Prophet Nephi tells us that Heavenly Father will be with us and help us, as long as we do all that we can…

We must now do “ALL THAT WE CAN DO” to make this country a better place, for every single voter who made the decision to vote the way they did. Every vote counted last night, but some votes counted more than others, especially when we watched the massive numbers of Republican Voters make that swing in the vote.

Whoever decided NOT to vote or voted out of “Sheik” voting for a third party candidate, those were votes thrown away when they should have been cast for a logical candidate with even a chance to win. And those third party votes were cast in the hundreds of thousands, last night. That would have swung several states from where they ended up, when the final vote was counted.

You must do what you can do to change the world around you.

We must hold our leader to the standards The Office of the President Requires.

He must not be allowed to run a laughing stock Office and Cabinet.

We must step up and hold Donald Trump to the Highest Standards of Civility, Respect, Dignity and Professionalism.

We must hold his feet to the fire. To make sure our President always does the right thing, even when he does not. And if at some point you are not satisfied with what you believe should be done, then it is your RIGHT to speak up.

We must not settle for the status quo.

We must strive for a better country, a better town, a better village, a better city.

And finally, A BETTER LIFE for every citizen, far and wide, across the land.



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