Thursday: Celebrations


Heavenly Father hears your prayers, as He utters them from your mouth.

Heard from our speaker this evening.

Today was a very good day. Coming off my discussion last night, my resolve is renewed and I feel very good about that. You cannot be ALL IN and have doubts that might derail forward spiritual movement.

I trust my Elders when they tell me that all is well, and will be well, as long as I stay on the beam with Heavenly Father.

Tonight, was a great night as well, as one of my guys celebrated his TWO year cake at St. Matthias. Two is a big year, because, we give a silver oval chip that is a tradition in our community. The silver chip differs from the routine bronze medallion. We give the silver chip in an encouragement for the recipient, to stay the course, and one day, One Day at a Time, will eventually make their ten year anniversary.

When we get to ten years, they give us back tat silver chip they have been carrying for the past eight years, and the chip gets engraved with the recipients personal message, then it is dipped in Gold. And on their ten year anniversary they get their chip back.

New, Engraved and Gold Dipped.

There was much conversation and lots of cake, as there were two other anniversaries celebrated as well. It was a very good night indeed.

We heard a young man share tonight, and he hit all the right points.

We don’t often hear of young people who take as well as others. Before the meeting we talked about how we began and what we had to do to get sober. For the little group in our discussion before the meeting, we all took to service right off the bat. We did what ever was said, or merely suggested, Highly Suggested.

  • We made coffee – thereby meeting others at the coffee pot to inquire if they liked our coffee.
  • We set chairs and tables – Because you cannot have a meeting without either.
  • We found a sponsor we trusted, implicitly.
  • We used our phones and we called as suggested. Not many people can make a simple phone call. The 200 pound phone is too heavy. Cell phone weigh almost nothing today, and make communication immediate, where ever you are.
  • We worked our steps, to the best of our ability.
  • We got involved in the area work, via committees and the Help Line, because you never know when you answer that phone, you could save a life.
  • We went to meetings.
  • Some came through rehabs and hospitals
  • But in the end, what we put into early sobriety, paid out huge dividends for years to come.
  • We did all this gladly, and we found that everything we really need can be found IN the ROOMS. We have the BEST return on investment in the world.
  • The real world truly misses out on everything that we can access by just going to a meeting and asking for help.
  • It is the ASKING for help which is the teacher of Humility.
  • A.A. might not be for everyone, but for those who stuck around, it is a resounding success and life changing journey.

The purpose of the rooms, is to help you kick the alcohol problem. What most do not expect, in the life changing work that also takes place along the way. The second purpose of the rooms is to help you find a Power Greater than Yourself.

The book tells us that we should Pray. Because there are prayers in the book, not many think about until they read certain passages. But prayer is SO important. Because our sobriety and our spiritual well being is truly CONTINGENT on the maintenance of our spiritual condition.

I renewed my commitment to my fellow who took his cake. We set down some new ground rules for the next little while to get him reconnected to the work, the phone and us meeting often. He faces certain challenges that we have been working through for the last two years. And too much time has gone by, with him skating by because he has a bust busy life.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the next portion of his sober journey. And we are going to attack it from all sides.

More to come.


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