Watch the Heartbreaking Live Stream of an LDS Chapel Burning Down in Idaho


Courtesy: LDS Daily Online World

Just after 2 p.m. on Tuesday, a fire broke out at a chapel for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Swan Valley, Idaho. The live stream from an East Idaho News chopper, found below, is being watched by thousands on social media as firefighters from across Eastern Idaho work to put the blaze out.

No one has been injured in the fire and the cause has not yet been determined. A representative for the Church told East Idaho that the fire likely started in the attic. At this point, the building is considered to be a complete lost. The steeple has collapsed into the building, which is completely ablaze. Crews are expected to work throughout the night to try and contain the fire. We’ll provided updates as they come.

Forward to the last twenty minutes or so of the video to see the full state of the blaze at the time of this article.

This is important because Elder Christensen lives in Idaho. So I called him to check up on the community. And they live about four hours away from Swan Valley.

The loss of a chapel is a huge impact on the community there.