Thursday: The Way We See the World


I thought it was bitterly cold earlier today. Well, tonight it got even worse. We are sitting at a very frigid (-19c/-30c Wind Chill) tonight.

I had a conversation with Mama about Christmas earlier, and had some time before I had to head out again. And instead of walking to a bus stop, I called a taxi.

We have what is called a Taxi-Coop. One Number, taxis any time, anywhere …

Well, that isn’t right. I called the taxi company and gave them my address, and the woman on the other end says to me … Your address doesn’t exist. I can’t send you a taxi.


Then I gave her the closest corner/busy street/location which is a block away.

She found that address (read:Location) which is on the same street on which my building sits.

Fuckity fuck fuck fuck …

I walked outside, and there was a taxi waiting for me outside my building…

How it got there, I don’t know. But the driver had my name.

Mischief Managed.

Speaking of Mischief Managed … I bought a limited edition Harry Potter …


I did not, at first check on their shipping policy before I ordered it. But if their website is correct, Winter may be over, before I get my jacket.


Only thirty people showed up for the meeting.

The take away … If I don’t change the way I think, the world around me doesn’t change either. Some people need to be knocked down a few pegs to see just how insignificant they really are in the grand scheme of things.

Because some Alcoholics have problems of gradiosity and entitlement.

Another man, with some significant time, was on shaky ground tonight. Once again, i was reminded, just how hard I work to stay stopped.

At least now, as a friend said to me before the meeting, I am maturing in sobriety. Keeping it simple is how I do it. I still do service that keeps me mindful of where I came from.

Sobriety is a long haul proposition. And if you haven’t READ the BOOK, we suggest, very highly, that you READ the BOOK.

Osmosis does not work in this case. You can’t suck up sobriety by just sitting in a chair, night after night. At some point, THE WORK will commence.

It is almost Christmas. Misery is right around the corner.

Alcohol makes the world go round, during the holidays. And if we aren’t careful, we might find outselves, holding a glass of champagne bubbles, and once we reach that point,


There are EIGHT shopping days until Christmas …


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