I Got Screwed by a Taxi Driver


Building on the taxi story from the other night, today was just not my day.

This afternoon I went to check my bank balance to find I had very little money left after my Christmas Shopping Extravaganza. I thought that I had just really over spent my budget.

But No …

I look through my transactions and see that the taxi ride I paid $8.25 for turned into a whopping $158.25…

ATM cards have smart chips in them. Here in Canada, we have what we call Interac.

All you have to do is wave your card over the reader and it debits your account.

Sitting in the back on my taxi, I handed the driver my card to put into the terminal he had in his hand. I did not envision that he was about to royally rip me off for more than a hundred and fifty dollars, over Christmas no less…

My bank statement showed three transactions placed within seconds of each other, When I called the bank to report the fraud, they guy on the other end could see, in time stamps, what the driver actually did with my card.

He ran the transaction for $8.25 which I authorized because that’s what the meter read when we got to the church. He had several other terminals on him which he tapped the remaining $150.00 out in two transactions, just below the limit where a PIN was necessary to complete the transaction. The first was $48.85, the second was for $96.66 …

Going back to that night, I am not sure where that taxi came from or who sent it to my address when the taxi coop said my address could not be found on their map, as if my building just did not exist in time and space.

The guy ripped me off.

My statement reads: Taxi Pontiac for: $8.25
Below that reads:        Atlas Taxi for: $48.85
And finally … Transport Service for: $96.66

For a grand total of: $158.25

Now we are out $150.00. And the bank tells me that it could take upwards from 2 to 10 days to recoup the money into my account. So that ties up another $150.00 from hubby’s Christmas account to buy family gifts, that we can’t buy now, because my account is bottomed out from this taxi thrashing, to make sure I have money until the bank returns mine.

Which takes away a total of $300.00 all together.


I hope you wreck your taxi on an ice covered road ….

Karma is a real bitch, especially when you screw over the general public on Christmas.




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