Snow in Miami 40 years ago today


MIAMI – It was the day no South Floridian every believed they would see.

January 19, 1977… the day it snowed in Miami.

Thursday marks the 40th anniversary of what has, for now, been a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Four decades ago, a cold front swept across the state overnight, and when residents awoke, they found snowflakes falling from the sky.

The snow fell as far south as Homestead, but quickly dissipated as the sun rose over the area.

By 9:30 a.m., the South Florida winter wonderland was nothing but a memory.

**** **** ****

I remember this day. I was in 5th grade at the time. We were living at our house on 33rd street and 63rd avenue. Coral Terrace Elementary School was not far away, and we had a private bus service that took us to school.

We had one of those ancient ceramic/brick/gas heaters that was in the dining room of our house. We used it to heat the entire house, which wasn’t that big, but did have three bedrooms. Sometimes we would sleep in the living room for the heat.

The house was not wired or duct-ed for A/C or Heat.

We went to bed the night before, anticipating snow the following morning. When we got up the ground was sparkly white. Mind you, it was not a snow, one would usually see on the ground here in Montreal, by regular standards, but snow did fall.

I had one of those puffy blue winter jackets and we played in the yard for a bit before our bus arrived. There was more fun to be had at school, in the massive school field area.

That’s about all I can recall of that day.

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