Sunday Sundries: New Tattoo

My final birthday present came today. I paid out $400.00 for the artwork and the time for my appointment earlier today. It was NOT a painless experience, by any means. I did have my moments.

In the end, the final cost was $471.00. I have another session soon to do touch ups and pay my artist his tip, because I was well over my budget this pay period.

The clock sits at 12:00. 12:00 was the time on the day I was diagnosed 23 years ago. The boy on the stairs has a RED shirt, an homage to AIDS. The timepiece is a vintage pocket watch with filigree and Roman numerals.

The stairs, indicative of the Steps … The water below, life going by.

Money well spent on a one of a kind piece of art. This is what my artist came up with, looking at the original piece of art, and subsequent tattoos in Googles.

We did not copy the older works. We changed up the timepiece and added some color here and there, to a rather black and white image. Once the piece has totally ealed the colors will be much brighter.

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