Sunday: Visitations


My Memere, on Empress of the Seas. I guess I was around 22 years old. She is my memory and my spiritual angel.

It has long been known that several of us, in my family, are spiritually connected to the universe, and the Other Side. Over all my years, I have been the human, in my branch of the family, that receives visitations.

My cousin, Sandy, on my Aunt’s family branch is the other. My Uncle Guy, is clairvoyant and is a healer. I know this because of stories that my cousin told me over the past couple of years.

A few months ago, I had gotten to the Friday meeting early, and I set up the room, and went to sit on the stairs outside. It was sunny and breezy. There are century trees growing in the church yard all around St. Viateur church.

Birds are the vehicle which family returns to me. And on that particular evening, a red breasted robin came down from the tree tops and stood on the ground right where I was sitting. She came over and stared at me. And I knew in that moment, who it was. I was all alone, and there she was.

This afternoon, I was sitting at my desk doing some editing work and in my minds eye, I was sitting in my Memere’s car, as a younger version of me. (This memory actually did take place) and I gather, she needed me to remember it, right then in that moment.

It was like I was yanked out of my body as I was sitting here, and into her car.

(BAM !!!!) and there I was in the front seat with Memere at the wheel.

She was driving us to the home where my Pepere (grandfather) was living at that time. She had moved him from the home they shared, to a home, because he was just getting too old for her to properly care for him.

We drove up to the building and parked the car, and we walked into the hall, past the dining room and into Pepere’s room, which had a bed, a dresser, and a table. It was an incredibly vivid visual I was seeing, as if I were standing there myself, right then and there.

This kind of visual has been coming to me on and off for a little while. Last week I was sitting at my desk, sewing some garments that needed to be mended, and I was humming a song from The Little Mermaid, “Poor Unfortunate Souls” sung by Ursula the sea witch.

And I could see, in my minds eye, my step mom, Nancy. She was larger than life when i was a teen-ager. She would wear these really colorful MuMu’s around the house, and I could see and hear her walking around the family room, singing this song. It was so vivid. I dropped a note to her oldest daughter who I am still friends with.

After this little vision trip, I wrote to my aunt and asked her if the month of September or this weekend, for some reason is special for any reason in particular, and she wrote back to me that Pepere had died in the month of September. This was way back when I was a kid. Probably a teenager, because we went back to Connecticut for the funeral and my brother got drunk and sick on a bottle of cheap Blueberry Schnapps.

These little visual trips into the past usually happen when I am really not engaged with something really time consuming or difficult. Usually, when my mind is free to wander, or those on the other side can easily get my attention.

Now I am waiting on a response from my cousin about this little trip earlier today.

2 thoughts on “Sunday: Visitations

    • Hey Shawn,
      Sometimes it is a light contact, or visual. But the other day it was a BAM, out of my body and into a moving car. It was really strong. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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