Guns Don’t Kill People …


Yet again, we stand together, on the precipice of the pit of utter despair and unimaginable sadness. Another mass shooting, this time in Las Vegas.

With 59 dead and more than 500 injured.

And what do we know about how this situation is going to play out ?

  • The Evangelicals will offer their prayers
  • The People will come and light candles and leave flowers
  • The Country will unite and say AGAIN, “Never Again”
  • The President will decry senseless “Evil,” he called it yesterday
  • The People will beg for some movement from Congress
  • The People will ask for more Gun Control
  • The N.R.A. will say Fuck You to all of that
  • The Congressmen/Women who are bankrolled by Big Guns will fold
  • We will talk about gun control, “When the time is right”
  • Because we all know what that means …
  • There is NEVER a good time to talk about Gun Control
  • There will NOT be any substantial movement on Gun Control whatsoever
  • We will never see reasonable accommodation on Gun Control
  • So Why Bother at all ???
  • Celebrities will talk, People will raise money
  • Charity will go out to those who need it most
  • And tomorrow Trump will do something more stupid than the day before
  • And the News Cycle will forget those 59 dead and more than 500 injured
  • Because Trump stupidity always Trumps whatever else is going on in the world



2 thoughts on “Guns Don’t Kill People …

    • Hi,
      I lived in the U.S. for 34 years. And the way people are towards guns and gun reform is just abominable. Every time someone shoots a gun at civilians we go through this. All the nay sayers, the conspiracy folks, the people who want sensible reform against the NRA who don’t … what else do you say in times like these ? I don’t know. but I try.

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