Friday: Episode 1 – Sexual Harassment


Have you ever heard of the “Casting Couch?”

I learned this term a long time ago.

This term exists both in the Heterosexual world as well as in the Homosexual world. For many years, in many places of entertainment and occupation, the casting couch was/still is, an evil people (dealt with/deal with) regularly.

I remember hearing it.

And if you were paying attention to anyone who moved to Los Angeles or any big city center for work in the entertainment industry, there was a high probability that yes, you, would find yourself sitting on a casting couch.

Now, that doesn’t mean that ALL casting couches were tainted and included their fair share of harassment and under the table “goings on.”

But now we see that mighty TITANS of the entertainment industries, oh how the mighty fall. You can never escape your past, one way or another.

Sexual Harassment is a scourge on the world, for women and for men. I think we can all agree that eyes were turned away, and lots of hush money was paid out to keep those mighty titans in positions of power, and journalists and news agencies were paid and intimidated and legally stifled so that the dirty little secrets were kept under wraps.

I stand with women. I always have.

It just goes to show you how long men have worked to control the body of a woman, direct her where she could work, and what work she could do. And if she had a figure and was sexy and had sex appeal, all the better.

I believe that many, many women paid a price for pretty. How many women, you might ask ? I would gather that every woman who works in television and film, paid a price for pretty, one way or another.

How many women were abused by the powerful to get on-screen ? How many women were sexually abused, raped, harassed, and belittled by men who DID know better, but against their better angels, chose to diminish the talents and beauty of women.

The dirty little secret of the casting couch and the mighty titan executives who work in tinsel town are well-known. And they have been known, for as long as I can remember.

They might have the money, and shine up well for awards seasons, and people who knew did not say, for fear of retribution. But like they say, at some point, the darkness of man will come to light. All it takes is one rip in the veil.

And we know now, that men were also targets in the entertainment industry. And I imagine that on the Down Low, I am sure that the black community suffered as well. I’m not sure this is the correct terminology, so I don’t mean to offend.

How many men and women were sexually harassed just for a job, when talent wasn’t the issue but the sexual quotient of the individual ? A little grope here and a little grope there, just to let them know that the Big White Man behind the desk controlled the scene.

That is Repugnant !!!


In the gay world, the casting couch is also ever-present. And it comes in the form of some fat old man, sitting behind a desk, bringing young talent into the mainstream. I have a serious aversion to fat old gay men in power. I think they are repugnant.

When I was but a young boy, I was looking for work in the business. At one point, I was in Daytona Beach, applying for a job. What I was faced with turned my stomach.

Like I said, I have an aversion to fat old gay men. Those “Jabba the Hutt” men. It is a particular visual from Star Wars, that captures the idea quite succinctly.

I may have been young, but I was not naive. There was no way I was going to sink to the level of sexual favors for a job.

Sexual Harassment is alive and well, on both sides of the sexual partition. How many young gay boys have been tainted ? I cannot even begin to count. The entertainment industry is rife with Fat Old Gay Men, who run these ‘Casting Couches” in many areas.

I am 100% confident in this assessment.

It was a good thing that Todd was not like any other man I had ever met. Because if the table was set any differently, I would not be here today.

I know that when Todd and Roy lost the bar, the bar take over was given into the hands of a man I despised. He was an ugly fat old gay man, who used to carry around with him a cigar box full of illicit images, I found sickening and repugnant. I only lasted a few days after that take over.

I would not sink to his level of repugnance. But I knew his type and avoided him.

Let us Stand with our Women and say No More.

Not On Our Watch.

1 thought on “Friday: Episode 1 – Sexual Harassment

  1. I had always thought that the ‘casting couch’ was only perpetrated by sleazy, illegitimate con artists. With this latest news story, I realize how wrong I was. And your image of Jabba the Hutt is perfect.


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