Thursday: Clarity


Most alcoholics don’t want to admit that they “feel.” Most would rather go back out and drink, when things get tough, rather than admit to their fellows that they are having a rough time of it. The Promise of the fellowship, is that, there will be good days, and there will be bad days.

And You don’t have to drink over the bad days.

Sobriety is not easy. And people struggle with emotions that come up, once we get sober. We heard tonight that, talking about where we are with our fellows, provides.

The Hand of the fellowship is always there. But not all people are able, and some are just not willing, to stick their hand out and offer it up.

However, there are those who will.

Finding those people, is like finding a needle in a haystack.

What is the key to that hunt ? You keep showing up and You keep talking. You keep talking, if in most cases, you are just hearing yourself talk, one way or another, the human who is supposed to help you WILL appear.

We also heard that a connection with a “Power Greater than Ones Self” can be a crucial part of who we become. This thought is a double-sided coin. Because not everybody in the rooms, believes in God.

The two minds are these … Those who find a God of their Understanding, and those who operate without it. There is NO right answer.

If you find the route to stay sober, more power to you.

Tonight, my friend who spoke, seriously relies on that power Greater than Himself, he chooses to call it God.

Many times, over the years, I’ve watched people come in, kicking and screaming all the way. They refute the Book, they malign the Book and the Work. Until they finally give in, and allow the program to help them.

God has always been the sticking point where we lose the most souls to alcoholism and addiction. There have been countless people, young and old, who just plainly will not accept that any God would help them, because of being burned somewhere in their past.

Over the years, I have worked tirelessly to find a route for them to find a way to get and stay sober. The whole first stage of my sobriety, people came and went over one word:


Over and Over, people wrestled with God. Many did not make it and eventually they disappeared and never returned.

We know that there are no Atheists in Fox Holes. When it comes down to brass tacks, when we hit the bottom of our personal barrels, the only way is up, and with that up, comes a spiritual solution.

However you find that Spiritual Solution is up to you. It is there to be found, if you really go looking for it.

My friend, tonight, spoke pretty convincingly, that every day, he relies on God to direct the show. And I agree with him on this.

I’ve watched my friend get sober, and it was not an easy road to walk for him. Yet he persevered. Over the years, I gave him opportunities, in several meetings, to polish his story, and do some service. And he always stepped up and spoke confidently and honestly.

Six years, is a good chunk of time. My friend has certain clarity about his story today, that he did not have in the beginning. My old-timer friend, who thanked him, said as much, that when He was six years sober, my old-timer friend, lacked the clarity that the speaker has right now, having reached his sixth year sober.

Sobriety is not easy, and can be downright rough. And sometimes the rooms do not provide that hand we so desperately need when times get hard. So we keep showing up and doing what it is we were taught to do from the very beginning.

  • Service.
  • Coffee.
  • Chairs and Tables.
  • Shaking hands.
  • Reading.
  • Find a Home Group.

If you tack, one suggestion, on top of another, eventually, we learn how to put these simple suggestions together, a foundation will be built, that we can rely on for certain.

If You do these simple things, you will stay sober, one day at a time.

When Spirituality hits, it will hit when it is needed, and when it comes, you might be pleasantly surprised, with the How, the When and the Why.

The book is written they way it is for a reason. If you read the book, and follow what it says, and you work the steps in the order they come in, you will find a power greater than yourself, I guarantee it.

There is a God and I am Not God.

Thank God for that.

I do know, in 44 days, I will hit Sixteen years sober.

I have a little more clarity these days.

My friends never cease to amaze me with the way they see the world around us.

Grateful …

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