Tuesday: Significant Horizons: Valerie Plante


Sunday was our municipal elections here in Montreal. The incumbent mayor Denis Coderre was facing an uphill battle against newcomer Valerie Plante.

I voted for Valerie Plante. She won the mayoral election.

Denis Coderre spent million upon millions of dollars on beautifying the city for the 375th anniversary. He cashed in on the E – Race which stripped many business people of business when their terraces were rolled up for the entirety of the race prep – race day – and race tear down. Millions of dollars lost in revenue and sales.

Traffic is a nightmare, that is, if you drive, which I do not.

He could have spent much of the monies he spent on beauty, on the actual citizens of Montreal, who need more help than they (read: We) are getting.

The vote was stacked against him, as Sunday wore on. In the end, Valerie Plante won the vote for mayor here in Montreal.

I could not be happier for her.

She has made some serious promises to the city, and on November 16th, she will be sworn in as the First Female Mayor of Montreal, in 375 years.

**** **** ****

Monday night we celebrated 72 years of Monday Central, as a meeting. Monday Central began by the esteemed Dave B. Who’s story appears in the Big Book.

Gratitude in Action – Fourth Edition – page 193.
The beginning of Quebec Sobriety in 1944.

After several early incarnations and locations across the city, one of those locations was right up the street from home at the Old Forum location.

Where rent was $10.00 a week, but he meeting was asked to leave that location when members were found up late after hours playing cards and having fun …

I guess late night card playing was against city rules back then.

My friend Yves spoke. I know his story, having heard it previously. Monday night he spent an inordinate amount of time on the transience of life, back in the day.

What does a fifteen year old kid, upon leaving home, do with his life ?

He travels from Coast to Coast to Coast, drinking, drugging and getting into all kinds of trouble.

Upon settling in Montreal, finally, and gaining employment at the Old Royal Victoria Hospital, he meets his match in a doctor who tells him straight, that he really needs help, and this doctor, in his own way, saves my friend’s life.

In January, 2018, he will reach twenty-nine years.

I am thirty-two days out from my Sixteenth anniversary.

I will celebrate on the 14th, seeing that the ninth falls on a Saturday. My best friend is coming up for our main celebration on the 15th. at the Friday Night meeting.

My friend Juan in just a week away from his 3rd. Anniversary on the 11th of November. He will pick up his chip the following Friday at the Friday Night Meeting.

The weather is turning cold. Very cold, Very quickly. We will Dip into the Minuses later this week, and snow is even on tap, if all goes according to Environment Canada.

More to come.