Saturday: Brand NEW I-Phone 5S


Last night, I went up to the church to set up. Had my music cranked, and my phone stuck in the waistband of my tights. Never a good idea.

At one point, my phone fell out of my pants and hit the stone floor, face down. Then it went BLACK. Big, Very Big BOO BOO.

I could not get it to turn back on. So I plugged the charger into the wall, and I got juice. I charged it for the hour we were sitting. When I unplugged the phone from the charger, the battery was ZERO.

Got on the bus, then to the Metro station, where I plugged my phone in, on the platform, to try to get juice. NO JOY !

Came home, plugged it into the wall, and Apple sent out an emergency update for the I-Phone X because of unresponsive touch pad and cold weather tweaks. The phone took the update and went on a feedback loop of on and off, on and off.

I was up half the night.

I went grocery shopping at 7 am in the morning, because IGA is open at 7 am on weekends. I never shop at 7 am. Went to McDonalds for breakfast. Came home, grabbed my phone and headed back to the mall to the Telus store.

They told me I had to go to the Apple Store for a diagnostic, which was free. I had an hour to kill before the 10 am opening.

Meanwhile, the Montreal Santa Claus Parade was cranking up to start at noon. Kids all over, screaming wining kids, in the bitter cold.

Got to the Apple Store with minutes to spare. Wanted to get there at the crack of opening to guarantee me a spot in line. Because there was a line, in the end.

Met with an advisor. Told him my predicament.

My I Phone 5S was a rehab unit hubby bought me last Christmas.

Did not tell them that.

They took my poor little phone in for major surgery. I needed to kill an hour waiting. Went for coffee, took in the Ogilvy Christmas Window and watched some parade goers on the sidewalk.

I got back into the line upstairs.

The tech guy said that the face plate of my phone had become detached from the phone, and that they believed it was the battery that had either exploded in the phone or was dislodged. In any case, they did not open the phone, nor attempt to repair it.


They were going to make me buy a brand new phone at $350.00.

But the tech had a brainy idea. He did some typing on his I Pad, and looked at me confidently. He said that if they opened the phone and YES, the battery had exploded, it would contaminate the repair department, thereby the whole store would have to be evacuated because of safety reasons.

Which is why they did not open it to begin with.

Apple has a guarantee that if a safety issue arose with a phone, that they would REPLACE said phone with a brand new model. And only charge me for the actual replacement and repair of the battery. And Not have to buy a brand new phone.

They sold me a brand new I-Phone 5S for $114.00

That is a savings of $236.00

Boo Yah !!!

Came home, cranked up the new phone, has a couple of conversations with Apple Care, and voila, my phone is backed up and restored with all my contacts, and music. The only thing I need to do now is reload my apps.

Happy Camper, Merry Christmas Everyone …

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