Wednesday: Shop till you Drop Ep.1


The weather outside is somewhat frightful. Not as frightful as local media has painted it over the past twenty-four hours. This morning I had many things to do about town.

First I had to visit my doctor down the way. The sidewalks downtown have been plowed down the cement. The sidewalks in the NDG borough were not. Thankfully I planned accordingly, and booted up properly.

It was a quick visit. All my numbers were stellar. My sugars are sitting in the 6’s, my Triglycerides are sitting at 4. We have not seen numbers that low in as many years, on the same lab page, at the same time.

They printed up my HIV numbers at the same time, since I drop labs together for two doctors visits, killing two birds with one stone. Everybody will be pleased.

I had decided prior to this visit that I would no longer be a guinea pig and at every visit have my lady doctor keep tweaking my meds, to get a better result. But since the results were so great, she told me to stay the course, and that was fine with me.

We only added some Vitamin D to my mix. Not a very medicinal push.

I returned home, via Guy, to make a stop at my favorite little neighborhood shop I frequent each month for supplies. this little shop provides goods that I don’t need to go all the way into the Village to purchase. That is a long Metro Ride to the other side of town.

I grabbed my granny cart and headed for the grocery store. I had a HUGE shop to make and I filled my cart, and my granny cart full of food. I wasn’t sure it would all fit to bring home, it did, barely.

I stopped to pick up prescriptions for hubby and me and I was talking to my friend who works behind the counter about Christmas shopping. She told me what she had done, that got good results, and suggested I go upstairs to the winners Outlet and try my luck.

It seems that some elderly folks who have granny carts, are having them stolen, at the mall, so I was warned not to let it out of my sight for one minute. I shopping carted my cart and rolled it with me around the store.

I found several nice pieces of clothing that I really liked, and would wear myself. I also needed a black UA shirt to go with mew clothes that are in the pie, on their way now.

I went through checkout and hey bagged my stuff and my roll of wrapping paper that I had bought. Needless to say, my hands were full. I had hooked the big winners bag to the handle of my granny cart and began dragging it behind me, in the snow on the way home.

The bad got fouled while crossing a mean snow bank and the bag ripped and what I did not know then, was, one of the shirts in the bag was damaged and had rip holes in the left side of the shirt near the collar. FUCK !!!

I checked the shirts when I came home and saw the damage. I put my groceries away and put the shirt in my back pack and walked back to the mall, to see if I could return the ripped shirt, that I ripped on the way home.

I found the same shirt, make, model and price on the rack, and got in the line. When it came time to pay, I explained that I had damaged the shirt, and would they do something for me? I did not ask for a refund.

The guy behind the counter looked at the new shirt, and my receipt and just traded the damaged shirt for a fresh new shirt. No questions asked…

It pays to tell the truth.

I came back home again, and wrapped my Christmas presents that are now under the tree. Along with some books I bought for my hairdresser that I see the next week.

Round One Christmas Shopping was a WIN today.

I had been shopping online for stuff that I wanted, and was headed to Australia to do some serious shopping because the exchange in Australia is pennies on the dollar equal to the Canadian Dollar. There is about a dollar difference in the exchange.

I usually shop the EURO and the UK. But the exchange is closer to $100.00 CAD difference in the exchange, so I decided against shopping there on this round.

I have an order I purchased from the UK a couple of weeks ago, during their Black Friday sale, so I got some clothes for a steal, cheaper clothes are better on the exchange than expensive ones. At least I did not pay TOO MUCH for them in the end.

Hubby had not given me a list and my friend at the pharmacy gave me a lead, so the chunk of money I was going to spend on me, I spent on Hubby instead.

It was a good day.

I got a nap in.

And now we know, in Alabama … WOMEN WILL NOT BE TRIFLED WITH ANY MORE.

Now if we could only get the president in front of an ethics committee and then tossed out of office, the world would really be a better Democratic world.

Women need to keep standing up and voicing their dismay about men who think they can get away with sexual harassment and sexual violence against women.


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