A Perfect Montreal Christmas


The weather people define a Perfect Christmas, as 2cm of snow on the ground, and snow falling from the sky, together. Last night, there was more than 2cm of snow on the ground when it began to snow again. Snow fell all night and into dawn, this morning.

There is a good amount of snow on the ground, as the snowfall wrapped up around 8am this morning. I had been up since about 6am because I had enough sleep, so I got up and watched some videos and made some breakfast, while hubby slept further.

All of my friends are in other places for the holiday. With all the travel delays and weather problems over the past few days, everybody made it to their destinations without a hassle.

Neither hubby nor myself had a very big Christmas list. We agreed that we really did not need anything expensive or huge numbers of presents. We kept it simple. I had shopped for hubby and he was pleased with the clothes I got him, some dress shirts for work and a new pair of cozies.

All I wanted was a 2 TB external hard drive for my computer, which is what he got me, along with a few odds and ends for the house. We are hosting a Christmas dinner party on Wednesday. So a few little bits and pieces did the job.

My in-laws spent a pretty penny on HSBC gift cards, in lieu of cash we usually get. However, I think that they went overboard with gift cards, when we really could have used some cash on the ground until hubby gets paid in two days, because money is tight.

Hubby is cooking a late lunch, and I am hosting a meeting at Monday Central at 8pm tonight. The church allowed us to keep the room open over the holidays. On Holiday Open Meetings are important. Because at some point, we need to get out of the house, so a meeting is very useful to the many.

The Holiday was a success.

More to come.


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