Belief, Faith and Practice …


When is it important to expect Belief, Faith and Practice to be unified?

I have given you some comments via other writers on the recent rash of states decisions to promote the practice of hate and exclusion, in the name of religion or the practice of ones faith, or the fear that the freedom to practice their faith and religion is being diminished because a Christian would have to serve his brother or sister, and that brother or sister being Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgendered.

I can say, with pride, that I have earned degrees in Religion and Theology.

I can also say, with pride, that I have the faith of a family and faith of my own to draw on.

When it comes to recovery and my belief, my faith and practice, are rock solid. I have no doubt, in my mind, that there is a God. And I am not He.

Today I speak with my voice to tell you that I am FED UP with governments choices when it comes to legislating hatred on a state level as well as on a governmental level. I am FED UP with Christians who speak from both sides of their mouths, when it comes to faith and practice.

When can you call out a Christian for being not – so – much – a – Christian?

For every man, woman and child on earth, there is a way to practice faith, be that faith among the lists of faiths that are claimed on the earth.

Some say they know God.
Some say they know their Bibles.
Some say they they speak for one, and believe in the other.
Then there are those who know neither.

**** **** ****

I have, in the past, been called to task for my faith and my practice, when it comes to my education as a Homosexual Christian. I have, in the past, been victimized by one particular church in the United States, who seem to think that being a Homosexual and a Christian, are incompatible with God’s word. That I could not possibly be both. That I can’t be both.

That what I am, is incongruous with who I claim to be.

Today I want to call out all of those Christians, that Speak the name of God, out of one side of their mouths, and also speak and practice hatred out the other side of their mouths.

I don’t believe that God honors a human being that speaks His name so confidently and at the same time can speak and practice hatred and bigotry.

You cannot claim to speak for God and speak His name, and do the exact opposite by your actions. Your faith must abide with your practice.

God does not abide in Hate
God does not abide in Bigotry
God does not abide in Homophobia
God does not abide in Exclusion
Jesus Christ, as I live and breathe, never condoned exclusion
Jesus went out of his way to pointedly INCLUDE everyone that was excluded

We are amid Holy Week and Passover right now. The most blessed and anointed time of the liturgical year for Christians and Jews. Everything we claim to be and the faith we claim to practice, began during Holy Week.

Was everything that Jesus did and said, faith and practice, just words in a book? How can you look yourself in the mirror every day and call yourself Christians, when you cannot stand up and do and say what Jesus asked you to do and say?

What did he say?

For what ever you do to the least of these you have done to me.
Love your neighbor as yourself.

You cannot serve two Masters.
You cannot serve God and hate your fellow man or woman
Your Faith and Practice must abide
Live the Word, Breathe prayer

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.
    And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
    and to walk humbly with your God.

We cannot stand by and allow the Right, The Christian Right, to roll over and rip apart the fabric of the nation, that we are all a part of and the world at large. We cannot allow Christians who profess Christian faith to oppress and exclude our brothers and sisters, because of their sexual orientation.

This is NOT a just cause.

This is plain and simple. I’m really not sure what Bible these people are reading, nor where it is written that based on ones “Faith and Practice” I (read: GOD) Divine you the right to exclude your fellow man or woman, because of their sexual orientation ! Where did God ever mention exclusion of Gays and Lesbians, Bisexuals or Transgendered humans?

We’ve had this discussion. It is appropriate to mention Matthew Vines and his groundbreaking book, God and the Gay Christian. He, with his minions of believers, are changing the face of Christian faith and practice. We have discussed those seven biblical passages that the most vehement of Christians, still stand behind that allow them to hate and exclude.

When I was a child, I was introduced to God, by women I revere and honor to this day. Everything that I am, came from what they taught me about Life, God, Faith and Practice.

My parents claimed to be Christians, Catholics and Believers. They spent decades waiting for a man of God to absolve them for their choice in preventative birth control, when Holy Mother Church, kicked parishioners out of the fold, because of their choices of preventative birth control.

They eventually got that absolution. They turned around and served God to the best of their ability. And they did that work gladly and without complaint. But when it came to the fact that I was a homosexual, their faith and practice splintered.

They began to speak out of both sides of their mouths.

Well before I ever decided to come out of my self imposed closet, I knew, well and good what they actually thought about Jews, Niggers, Dark skinned Asians. and Homosexuals. I knew this was truth because I listened to them for years, pontificate their hatred and bigotry and serve God at the same time.

My father abused me terribly, because he feared me becoming a homosexual, because I was friends with adult homosexuals and that was an abomination. And he was going to beat homosexuality out of me if it was the last thing he ever did.

But they could not serve two masters. Practice went by the wayside. I cannot tell you what their faith looks like today, because I, along with my aunt Paula, have been blacklisted by the family, shut away in the darkness of radical faith and resentment, to have our voices and lives shut in the dark, never to be acknowledged.

When I got sick and came very close to death, from AIDS, I turned to my family for faith, support and practice. They in turn, turned their backs on me and denied me love, faith and family.

The last holiday I went home for Christmas, my father humiliated me in front of a table full of guests they had invited for dinner. He went on to encourage me to “die quickly!”

My mother, a Christian, a Catholic, at one time, worked in Home Healthcare for the sick. She served the least of these, albeit grudgingly. Every night after work, with colleagues in tow, would come home, pop a beer or two, and talk about the faggots with AIDS that they had to visit with medication to help keep them alive, and their only wish, in that moment, was that for them just to die already !

My parents called me things like dirty homosexual.
They called me sick.
They called me an ABOMINATION …

And they claimed they could use these kinds of words because they read it in their bibles. And believe you me, we had a bible. I never saw them open it nor read from it.

I knew what good faith and practice was. I went to church. I served God. I spent a year in a Catholic Seminary, only to be told that my faith and practice were not good enough to pass muster and they told me to leave and not return.

In my darkest night of horror, the family I trusted to stand with me did not. When I needed them the most, they were absent, by choice. Because of their faith !!!

It then fell to the man named Todd who stepped in and became God incarnate, and he saved my life, when I should have died, by the side of the road, alone and destitute.

He chose to step in. He chose to save me. From all those others in our circle, he picked me.

Because He loved me unconditionally, as God loved me unconditionally.

The family I came from, could not and would not love me unconditionally, because of their faith and practice. Because I was one, a homosexual, and two, because I had AIDS, therefore God’s judgment came down upon me and He spoke my death to them.

Sadly, families all over North America still believe, in faith and practice, that because we are Homosexuals, and some have AIDS, God has spoken his condemnation upon us for our past transgressions and for who we are as human beings.

Therefore we are owed no Love, Respect or Salvation.

It is ABOMINABLE for a Christian to speak out of both sides of their mouths. You cannot serve God and hate your neighbor. You cannot claim to Love God and hate your neighbor.

You cannot love God and Hate your neighbor.

Every day you decide to hate your neighbor, or exclude your neighbor you spit in the face of Jesus and you desecrate the faith you proclaim. You did not do as Jesus asked you to do.

Therefore, can you, Christian, still call yourself a Christian, and hate your neighbor?

That answer is NO !!!

What Would Jesus Do ???

… Jesus Wept …

Easter Meditation



One day the Lord spoke to them and they started walking through the desert. Men, women, children the elderly and the herds and flocks. Where they were going was not known, but it was apparent that they were going to get somewhere. If only they walked a step or two.

A young man spoke up and said “I will walk ahead of the tribes, I will lead them as the Lord leads me.” And the Lord asked the young boy, “are you ready to walk for the glory of God,” why “Yes,” the boy answered. So be it the Lord said, “now lead them, but take only that which you need and nothing more.” I will walk with You Lord, he said without a second thought.

The Lord said that the way will not be smooth and there are things you will see on the way that will test your faith, yet I the Lord will make the way straight and the path smooth, if you have faith in Me and the Glory of God the father. Yes, I have faith, the boy replied, so walk my son.

A few days into the journey the boy came across a woman with ragged hair and little clothing. She was elderly and needed some water. The boy was only carrying what he had, and he gave drink to the woman and quenched her thirst. She said to him, that she was lonely and afraid of the road, and the boy replied, woman, have no fear, for I will walk with you until nightfall and we will camp under the canopy of heaven. That day they walked together and the woman was grateful for the company and the water.

That night, they made camp, the tribes of the Lord.

The Angel of the Lord came down and struck the rock and water flowed. They all drew water from a spring that appeared and everyone’s thirst was satiated. And the animals were watered as well. Food was passed from group to group until every last one was fed. That night they sang the song of the Lord until everyone was sent to a sleep protected by the Lord himself.

The very next morning, rested and fed, the tribes packed up their wares and started the journey as they did the day prior. The sun hung low in the sky, and by high noon, sweat was pouring off the brows of the people. The young boy made his way in front of the pack, leading them as he was guided by the spirit of the lord. Soon after noon the boy came across an elderly man who was being carried by two men, visibly shaken and tired.

The boy looked up to the sky and said, what can I do Lord?

The answer came and the boy took the arm of the litter and helped carry the man for the rest of the day, until darkness fell and camp was set up for the night. Once again, the Angel of the Lord came down and struck the rock and from the rock a spring came up from the earth once again, the people and the animals were watered. The tables were set and the people were fed to their fill. Once again, they praised the God of Abraham and in the coolness of the night they slept under the canopy of the heavens.

On the third day they awoke to a cloudy day, grateful for the relief from the sun, they gathered up their wares and began to walk once again. Today the young man was tired. He had been leading this lot for days now, and yet the lord said, Keep walking. So he did.

On this day he came upon a young person drawn from travel, covered in dust from the desert. Visibly the boy had not eaten in days and was close to death.

The young man stopped and knelt down next to him and shared his water and some bread from his pack. He lifted the boy into his arms and carried him for the rest of the day. Hours passed and the boy was filled with faith and strength as he carried his charge on his back. That night at camp, the young boy gathered some bedding and laid his friend in a cool soft place.

That night the Angel of the Lord appeared and once again, struck the rock and water flowed. He bathed the young man whom he had carried all day, then they broke bread and shared living water from the earth. Miracle, you ask, quite possibly so.

That night all were fed and after the plates were cleared and all had been fed, they gathered before the fires and praised the God of Abraham. They rested beneath the canopy of heaven.

For 38 days and 38 nights, the boy walked with his people, helping each soul he encountered to the best of his ability as God had commanded him to do.

On the 39th day they awoke. The angel of the Lord was there at first light and he told them, the journey was almost over, walk on as the Lord commands.

That day was no different. On that day the young boy would meet his final “person.” She was laden with child, and was walking alone carrying everything that she needed. No man walked by her side, no assistance came to her. She was visibly close to giving birth, and the Boy took her hand

As night fell, the boy gathered the women together and they prepared the woman for birth. A call went out to the men and they gathered together some wood for someplace to keep the child. As was foretold, the Angel of the Lord appeared to them once again, and struck the rock and as happened each night before, water flowed.

That night the stars shone brightly, the heavens were alight with song. Something was about to happen. For after the meal, the woman called for the boy and he appeared by her side. The time had come and she wanted to share the birth of the child with him, for he walked with her a step or two. That night under the canopy of heaven a child was born and she asked the boy his name.

He answered, “My name is David.” She smiled at her son, and spoke to the heavens, May God in heaven be blessed and may he bless my son David, born this night. The heavens replied with a thousand shooting stars… What a glorious vision the host of angels come down from heaven to sing to David, the newest member of the tribes of Abraham. That night they rested and slept in peace.

On the 40th day the young boy awoke, there standing before him were 40 men, women and children. All of those whom David had walked with through the desert. At that moment an Elder man spoke to David and said follow me, there is someone who would like to see you David, HE has asked for you by name.

The people before him parted and through them David walked until he reached a hill that was green with foliage and there a spring bubbled up. “Take off your sandals David” a voice spoke to him. David did not skip a beat. As David looked up from undoing his shoes, There the Master sat on the rock before him.

David’s eye welled up with tears, he had done exactly as he was instructed, as the Lord had told him. He had led his people through the desert helping each soul he met on his path. The Master knew what was in his heart and soul. David was without words. The Master got up from where He sat and approached David and wrapped his arms around him, and said……..

“Well done good and faithful servant. In YOU I am well pleased.”

What for? David said, all I did was what you asked of me while I walked. And the Master replied, “you know David, each time you helped one of these souls on your journey, you helped ME.” “What the least of these you have done for my brothers and sisters you have done for me.”

The Master reached down into the pool of water and blessing the water he blessed and baptized David the Boy, and then David the infant. And for a moment the heavens opened up and God’s voice was heard, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”

And from the sky a beam of light shone forth into the desert and the sands were parted and there in the swirl of dust a city appeared. It is there that the people made their homes. The journey had ended. And a placed blessed by God was theirs to live in.

So will you walk with me a step or two. The journey is long and the road may be rough, but as the Lord says “I will make the path straight and your burden will be light.” Take only that which you need. And if you meet someone of the road, stop and ask your questions, share your water and food, for you never know when the Master will reveal himself to you.

Are you ready to start walking !!!

Monday: Extra — RITUALS


When we move away from home and go to college, all bets are off.

I can tell you, that many of our kids are indoctrinated into colleges here in Montreal, through the vehicle of FROSH. The pre-university activity, of welcoming new students into the system, by inviting them into communities, that revolve around alcohol.

Every year, it is the same story.

There are a hundred BARS located on every corner, as far as the eye can see, because we live in a neighborhood that serves two universities, Concordia and McGill.

Every year FROSH begins a few weeks out, during Orientation.

The groups form, and for nights on end, they cruise the streets in town Bar Hoping. Cups in hand, beer and liquor follow.

Tonight, one of our kids, graduating from McGill, spoke at a meeting. She kept a secret, and only told her sponsor the other day. She was advised to share tonight.


When she began university, as a drinker, the group she is affiliated with had all the members buy a can of beer, and put that beer IN a BOX, for safe keeping. Those boxes have been crated and stored for what is about to happen in a few days time.

On the thirteenth, those boxes will be opened by the group. Each member being devoted to their friends, because of the university and their major of study, will be present.

My young lady friend, has her beer she put in that box, while she was drinking. And it is waiting for her. She got sober, since then.

On April 2nd … this same young woman will hit One Year Sober.

A few days before the beer extravaganza.

Tonight we heard that she wants that drink. She is going to drink that beer, no matter what, because these are her friends she has gotten to know over her university career.

These are her friends, who supposedly have her best interest in mind …

She knows that if she drinks, it will only be ONE DRINK, RIGHT ???

The next day, she can come back to a meeting and pick up a Beginner Chip, and start being sober once again.

She may not forget that she HAD been sober, or what she knows about herself today. And that life is linear, she can pick right back up, where she left off.

After she spoke, I got my three minutes in.

And told the story of Lorna Kelly, and how at over thirty years of sobriety, she was faced with a drink, for one reason or another.

On Mother Teresa’s Death Bed, while a priest was saying mass over Mother’s bed, he went to hand her a HOST, dipped in WINE. And she said to the priest, NO, I cannot have the host dipped in wine. NO WINE … Flummoxed he stepped aside her to a sister who did take the sodden wafer.

He came back around with a dry host and she received the Body of Christ.

In the end, Mother Teresa, stuck out her hand and took Lorna’s in her hand and said these words …

Very Good Lorna, You Must Protect Your Special Gift…

Mother knew Lorna was sober over thirty years.

I told two stories in three minutes to get my point across.

If you take a drink, and the rest of us don’t know about it, because it is a secret, is taking that drink, with impunity, still ok ?

I told my young friend that if she TOOK that drink, SHE would know.

And God would know.

You can do one of four things …


My young lady friend believes she must complete the ritual to be validated among her friends, whom she has known her entire university career. She believes that taking ONE drink, will mean, only taking ONE drink.

So I posed the question to her … What if she drinks that beer, and someone hands her MORE, will she stop at ONE, or will there be MORE to FOLLOW ???

What Would You Do ???

Monday: Why is it so Complicated ???


I got an email from New Zealand today, that my Odyn clothing order was now in production. That in a couple of weeks, my order will ship, after my clothes are lovingly sewn by hand.

YAY !!!

Today, I had ONE thing to do.

My doctor got me a consult at the McGill Teaching Hospital, Dentistry department. I got to the appointment early, for paperwork. Shortly there after, my dentist came to get me and to begin my “consult” which did not go very well.

Firstly … I never thought that I would live this long, all things considered. In the order of importance, Living was right up at number one. Staying sober, a close second, being married comes in at three, everything else comes in whatever number it falls in, according to importance.

Oral health has never been at the top of any list.

I thought that having my teeth fixed, was going to be a cut and dry process. Easy Peasy, no problem right ? WRONG !!!

It ain’t that simple. God I wish things could always be simple.

My first trip to see a professional fetched me a $33,000.00 dental bill. They have one job, to build a bridge and put it in place. They did not talk about inconsequential s. They did not mention that I needed more work than they were ready to do, in order to properly build me a mouth that would not fail, in the long run.

Today … My goal was to find out, whether, the Student Dental Clinic would be AS expensive as the professional clinic ? YES, IT IS. To the tune of $22,000.00 on a good day, barring any complications with the entire process.

The process is LONG and ARDUOUS.

I’ve got bad teeth. Ok, Given …

The clinic is talking about orthodontic work, braces for my bottom teeth the straighten them out. And if need be, to extract some teeth and move others, because of a major over bite, and 50-year-old teeth that were never corrected when I was a kid.

They told me that the time investment would be 2 years on a good day.

They want to fix what is there in my mouth. They want to fill all the cavities, do the rearranging, and make sure my mouth is ready for major surgery, extractions, and the building of a bridge on the outside.

This is NOT a cut and dry process. I will need to commit to major mouth surgery, to 2 years of in and out of my mouth, with each of its surgery, and healing processes.

And then, on a good day, gave me the $22,000.00 dollar estimate.

Like I said, twenty-two thousand, barring unforeseen circumstances.

It isn’t going to be that simple.

The professionals were not concerned with the rest of my mouth or the necessary work to get my mouth to a place, where a proper bridge would FIT, Correctly, IN my mouth.

The clinic is a teaching hospital. If I make this commitment, there is no guarantee they will take me, in the end, because I am a complicated case, and I need serious maintenance before any major work can begin.

This is all totally overwhelming. And a bit too much for me to process, at the moment.

I spoke to a long sober friend in Miami, who is getting the same work done there, and they, The teaching hospital in Miami, quoted him the same kind of figures.


Sunday Sundries: Odyn Athletics



Last night, before I went to bed, I happened across a friends blog. And he had posted an image for a New Zealand Athletics clothing company. ODYN …

I was not familiar with them, as they are on the other side of the world. Curious, I clicked the hyper link and traveled around the world to New Zealand. And found a company who’s mission statement appealed to me.

Real Talk, Our Values

We sat down and wrote what we dreamed the most amazing performance clothing company would be, we wrote the below in a minute.

We are a performance clothing company, first and foremost our gear must enable you to be the BEST at the right moment during exercise, zero restrictions.

We build our products to enable the most active function of the gear while also designing our products to flatter the human form to the maximum.

Our designs are vibrant, unique and flawless all over with every line every stitch fulfilling its purpose in the garment.

Agile and fast we release gear just like our athletes perform – relentless innovation and execution

All gear is handmade to order by our awesome Odyn Team out of the freshest fabrics, meaning you get the most amazing gear you will have ever own.

It currently takes us around 20-25 working days for us to hand make your gear before shipping.

A company who has real values and takes their jobs very seriously, and hand makes all of their gear, gets my vote for sure.

If my friends here in North America were talking about this company and their gear, that looks just AMAZING, I had to have some of my own. 623677562.jpg

This is the Odyn Eris …



This is Odyn Mars …

Their prices are very nominal, and affordable. And considering the exchange rate between Canada and Australia and New Zealand, hand made clothing, made with care and values, is certainly clothing one should have in their collection.


Scott Herman in Odyn Spandex …

Friday: Practice Makes Perfect



Well, perfection is the “ideal.” The only way to get to Carnegie Hall is, Practice, Practice, Practice. Only God is perfect.

In the beginning we see simple slogans, and we hear simple aphorisms. For some, simple suggestions are the bane of our existence. How many times do I offer simplicity to my friends, and they look at me askance … as if to say … Are You kidding me, REALLY !!!

Is it that simple ?

Why YES, it IS that SIMPLE.

People tend to stay away from that which is simple, because human beings need to complicate their lives with complexity, always posing the childish question, WHY?

Because we know what works.
The sooner you get there, the easier your life will get.

A very long time ago, I picked up this book, The Course in Miracles, before I got sober the second time. And it seems I had read portions of the book, because I had used my yellow highlighter all over the place. Last night, I continued my read, and there it was, YELLOW, paragraph after paragraph.

The entire first portion of the book, is an introduction to spiritual principles, and the concept of the Atonement.

For the last decade or more, this book sat on my book-case, untouched. Until I picked it up a few days ago, and began another pass through the text.

The Atonement is the central tenet of most Christian practices.

My Spiritual Mentor Elder Spencer, my Mormon Missionary Best Friend, came into my life, and today, is still in my life. We talk about life, a lot.

We also talk about God too.

I had been reading the Infinite Atonement, which is a LDS text. Too clinical in its approach, trying to explain the minutia of the Atonement, I could not wrap my head around it.

However familiar I HAD BEEN, to the concept at an earlier time in my life.

There was a time, when, along with a handful of friends, were attending a non-denominational church on Miami Beach. I sort of think that I picked up this book, by the behest of those people I was hanging around during that time.

I am not unfamiliar with Spiritual Practice. And even though I was still stuck in the revolving door of alcoholism, there was, for brief periods of that final year of using, moments, or even days, of sobriety, peppered through that year.

The Course in Miracles tells us what is wrong with us …

We’ve disconnected with Love. We’ve disconnected from all that is Good, GOD. We’ve turned to fear, projections, fantasy, and delusion. And we took back our free will, and we’ve littered our brains, and our lives, with things that take us farther away from the Source of All that Is.

And in a few chapters, The Course in Miracles, attempts to begin a reorientation BACK towards God. Back to spiritual truths and practices. In the short few chapters I have back under my belt, the Atonement is the prominent teaching.

In the Mormon Faith, the Atonement is THE principal teaching. The reunification with God and the Son.

When we put into our bodies, Substances … Alcohol, or Drugs, or anything that takes us away from the Center … by creating an escape from reality so that we do not feel or experience reality as it is happening, we become addicted to something that removes us from Heavenly Father, God.

When we walk in the rooms, and we finally admit we are licked, and we settle in for the long haul that getting clean and sober is, we begin the process of Re-Orientation to the Spiritual.

The Fellowship IS a Spiritual Practice. A Way of Life.

For the whole of my sobriety, I’ve watched people come in and fight the process tooth and nail. Many go back out and never return. Few of us with serious time, survived them.

The Big Book gives us concrete description of who we are, what we are, and the problem we face, namely alcoholism. In the beginning we read the Doctors Opinion, then Bill’s story.

That’s where we are in the Big Book work this week.

Getting sober, is a spiritual decision. When we stop drinking, or using, and we sit and stay, and we begin to study the book, we learn all the pitfalls, along the way. We work Steps, We clean house, we get rid of the wreckage of the past, We make restitution where necessary, and finally, we turn around and we help others, do the same.

I heard one of my friends repeat words that I have said before …

When it comes to prayer, we should pray, Often. What does God have to do with it?


I know too many people who don’t believe in God, and fought it all the way to insanity, only to be told, this hallowed advice. Some took it and listened, others did not.

Years ago, in year twelve, a long sober man from New York, here for a Sober Round Up event, introduced me back into Spiritual Practice, in the form of prayer.

Lifting the prayers right out of the Book.

That practice changed my life. I cannot tell you HOW it happened. But I can tell you THAT it happened that way.

When we orient towards the Spiritual, we usually find that instead of insanity and fretting over the unknown, that life tends to become smoother.

One of my friends, on the bus ride home tonight, told me about his barometer.

If he is spiritually centered, on any given day, at any given moment, that if he can sit in silence, and not be disturbed, he knows he is centered.

If he cannot sit within silence, and his mind is full of chatter, he knows, in that moment, he must Stop and Reorient. And Pray …

We cannot tell you how prayer works, or how you should pray, what words you should use, but the book gives us certain prayers, along the way, within Step Work.

The Serenity Prayer is a good start. Short or Long Version.

I have that prayer on a wall hanging above my desk, right at the front door. So I see it all the time, and one way or another, throughout the day, I am reminded to Stop and Pray.

Often …

I just know that if you are oriented towards prayer, one way or another, prayer does work. You just have to try it out yourself.

Prayer Works, Your method of Prayer is Optional.

Results are guaranteed …

Thursday: Aronik Fitness


When it is permissible, financially, I buy a piece of clothing towards my collection. For a long time, I’ve been watching a particular seller’s website. For the longest time, it was cost prohibitive to buy from them, because I could not justify paying out full price for their fitness line of clothing.

That all changed this past week.

Aronik Swimwear had updated their site, with the new line of fitness and swim wear. They moved from full length fitness tights to a line of 3/4 length men’s clothing line. I won’t buy 3/4 length, because when I shop, I must always consider that I live in a four seasons location, and everything that is in my clothing collection, must be able to be worn all four seasons, rain, shine, snow, and sleet. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

The former line of full length fitness wear went to half price. I won’t pay in the hundreds of dollars for one piece. But toss out a half price sale, and I am all game for sure. Sadly, this wine colored line was discontinued, BOOO!!! The other three lines were still in stock, however not all in my size. I went with the Command Lake and Command Leaf.


Command Leaf …

I made my order yesterday morning. In return, Aronik sent my package out Fedex overnight, with an arrival this afternoon. I did not think to take un-boxing photos, because I should have.

The pack came in a black draw string bag, with a very neatly wrapped package in very nice wrapping paper, a couple of photo cards to display and a hand written thank you card, thanking me for my business.

How many retailers go to that length in presentation and thanks for your business ?

That little package that arrived today, just made my entire day.

I made my order, but did not think to make sure I had a top to match each of my fitness choices, color schemes. Namely, a light shade of blue and a sea mist green. I don’t have much clothing ranging in earth tones, browns, or greens.

I do have some standard pieces that can be worn across my palette of clothing colors. Neutral colors that go with everything. White, or off White. I do have a rainbow spectrum of shirts, in every color. My main color in my wardrobe is in the blue and yellow spectrum. It all works.

I may have to hit the shops this weekend, to see what is on offer. The mall just opened a new Marshall’s on the main floor, just below our Winner’s Outlet store. There is no shortage of shops to browse for some serious deals.

If you are interested in well made fitness wear, Aronik is your shop.

The new fitness lines do price out at $86.00 per piece. The new shirt line tops out at $50.00 per item.

The Modern Otter, Aaron, has recently asked the question about Athleisure wear, and if one can rock that look without looking schleppy !

Yes it can. If you know where to shop and your pieces are well made, can be matched in a general outfit, and make it look effortless and finally, make you look good doing it too.


Command Lake …


Great clothing. Service with Gratitude. Well worth the money paid out.