Sunday Sundries: Odyn Athletics



Last night, before I went to bed, I happened across a friends blog. And he had posted an image for a New Zealand Athletics clothing company. ODYN …

I was not familiar with them, as they are on the other side of the world. Curious, I clicked the hyper link and traveled around the world to New Zealand. And found a company who’s mission statement appealed to me.

Real Talk, Our Values

We sat down and wrote what we dreamed the most amazing performance clothing company would be, we wrote the below in a minute.

We are a performance clothing company, first and foremost our gear must enable you to be the BEST at the right moment during exercise, zero restrictions.

We build our products to enable the most active function of the gear while also designing our products to flatter the human form to the maximum.

Our designs are vibrant, unique and flawless all over with every line every stitch fulfilling its purpose in the garment.

Agile and fast we release gear just like our athletes perform – relentless innovation and execution

All gear is handmade to order by our awesome Odyn Team out of the freshest fabrics, meaning you get the most amazing gear you will have ever own.

It currently takes us around 20-25 working days for us to hand make your gear before shipping.

A company who has real values and takes their jobs very seriously, and hand makes all of their gear, gets my vote for sure.

If my friends here in North America were talking about this company and their gear, that looks just AMAZING, I had to have some of my own. 623677562.jpg

This is the Odyn Eris …



This is Odyn Mars …

Their prices are very nominal, and affordable. And considering the exchange rate between Canada and Australia and New Zealand, hand made clothing, made with care and values, is certainly clothing one should have in their collection.


Scott Herman in Odyn Spandex …

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