ETSY makes TIGHTS !!!

DaXS3aRWsAAQBd1.jpg large

So I am a follower of Casey Neistat. But you know that already. Today he posted an Instagram photo of him with some DYNO TIGHTS from Etsy.

I asked his Instagram community for who made them, and I got a response just now, from DYNO TIGHTS

They have an Instagram Account located at: Dyno Tights

They make unisex tights for men and women into an active lifestyle.

Dope duds for climbers, yogis, and spandex enthusiasts. Visit our Etsy store for new designs released monthly!

Sebastian Stewart is your point man at Dyno. They release monthly.

I purchased the Neon Geometric Unisex Retro Tights. And they sell in CAD. Sweet !!!

The same tights Casey is wearing in the Instagram Photo Above.

Go, Shop on Etsy. You will NOT be disappointed.

Go Now Do Not Pass Go nor Collect $200.00 right now …

If Casey wears them, then WE should wear them too. Purchase from a great seller.

Etsy is new to me, I did not know they made them until Casey wore them on a run.


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