Thursday: Weekend Plans and News


This has been a very interesting week, to be sure. The most anticipated book of the season was released on Tuesday. James Comey’s “A Higher Loyalty” Truth, Lies and Leadership.

I ordered a copy of this book, in March, after seeing it appear on the Indigo Website.

This week had been spent waiting on the mail, for many things. All the books I had on order arrived today, along with clothes I had purchased over the last two weeks.

Tomorrow I am taking an afternoon bus to Ottawa to visit my best friend for the weekend, and the 2.5 hour bus ride will be spent reading. There is nothing better than being able to get on a bus, and sink into a good book.

If you are political, in any way, then you would have spent good hours of time, in the last week watching James Comey being interviewed.

Being noble and honorable are words that have been spoken by people I have known in my life. Parents are supposed to be honorable and noble. Serving your country is noble and honorable. Dying for your country, in the pursuit of war, automatically makes one noble and honorable, because you made the ultimate sacrifice for your country.

There are very FEW Noble and Honorable men in the world.

If you had to choose between a President of the United States and a Public Servant, the Public Servant gets my vote on any day of the week. There is no doubt in my mind the nobility and honor that James Comey exhibits.

Read the Book …

The weather in Montreal has been shit for weeks now. It has been cold and miserable. Mother Nature does not know whether to make it snow, or make it rain. And we have not seen the sun, in as many days. Tonight, it was cold, and snow fell from the sky again this evening.

We have been told that by Saturday, temps will rise into double digits. It is sitting at 2 degrees on the positive side right now. By Saturday, they tell us it will be 18c, on the positive side, and as well, those positive temps will last through the end of the month of April.

Let Us Pray …

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Casey Neistat rocked a pair of tights from Dyno Tights the other day, on a run around New York City. I then went to Dyno and ordered a pair of my own. Those tights arrived in the post this afternoon, along with several books.

My Spring and Summer wardrobe is well appointed. With a couple more items on order tonight, I will be the best Athleisure model the rooms has ever seen.

I’m amid a read of Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. There is a noble and honorable man if I ever met one. If you’ve never read Marcus’s writing, you should.

There is a thread of what my friends have read, going around. Books come into our collective mental libraries, each on their own. Someone reads a book, and adds it to the collective conscience to be read by others.

One of my tools I use to reach and teach, is through books. When several people, in my circle is reading the same book, over time, as life goes by, one begins to see and realize just what moves my friends, in how they live, treat others, and share on any given day.

We’ve all read The Spirituality of Imperfection. We’ve also all read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, The Big Book is also on that read list, Steps you see. Many of my guys are noble and honorable men. At least they all strive to be, each in their own ways.

I can see, in many of the books we have all read, pieces of each book, that exist in the actions and lives of my friends. That is a good thing.

I will be away from a few days. We don’t do TV in Ottawa. And we don’t spend time sitting in front of the lap top either.

More to come, Sunday or Monday.