Saturday – Wind Storm Nightmare


We departed Montreal at 11 am yesterday, On Via Rail. The train to Toronto was beautiful and uneventful. However, dark clouds were looming on the horizon, as we approached Toronto.

Arrival in Toronto around 4:30 in the afternoon. We had time to people watch in the bustling Union Station for our Go Train to Hamilton. What we did not know was that a major wind storm had cut across Ontario …

The train left the station at 5:30 … And then all hell broke loose.

It took us two hours for a ride that was supposedly only an hour. Trees were down on the tracks and the power had been out widespread. As the train approached a crossing, the conductor had to stop the train, get out of the cab and manually lower the road gates so we could pass safely. UGH …

People were chomping at the bit.

We arrived in Hamilton around 8 p.m. and took a Uber to the Visitors Inn where we are staying. We checked in, walked up to our room, were here for ten minutes, and darkness fell on this section of the city. The power had gone out and was out until 3:30 this morning.

We only had the batteries on our phones for the duration of the night, seeing there was no power. After several failed attempts at ordering pizza on the phone, we settled for calling a local McDonald’s just up the road, half a kilometer way to see if they had power.

There was sporadic power in certain areas, but not in our immediate surroundings. We called and they confirmed they had power. We walked up the highway, which is five lanes, one way, going uphill, towards the little strip mall where the restaurant was.

It seemed to us that everybody who did not have power was sitting or standing in the shop. It was CRAWLING with people. We got dinner ala almost 10 pm by that time. Thankfully we found power to recharge our phones.

When we left here there was no power up the walk, so we walked in the dark, without street lights, and had to cross that five lane highway in the dark, with no crossing areas or lights to stop traffic up the hill, dangerous if you ask me.

Returning to the hotel, they told us power would be back on around 1 a.m. We came back upstairs and settled in with I – Heart Radio and CJAD from Montreal. A little light listening, before bed. I went down around 12:30 and they then told me the power would be out until 2 or 2:30 in the morning.

Came back upstairs and went to bed. The power finally came back on around 3:30 in the morning.

Mt brother-in-law and his family are staying in the same hotel, one floor down from us. It seemed hundreds of thousands were without power across Ontario and Montreal, several people died from downed power lines, it was a dark night for hundreds of thousands from Ontario through to Montreal.

Quite the nightmare, surreal experience for sure. Hubby was freaking out all night. Had I not been sober or had we not been sober, it could have gotten seriously ugly for sure. Thank God for little miracles.

I got into bed, using hubby’s phone light to read by and my phone for radio, we bottomed out both phones power, in less than 2 hours, and went to sleep, with two utterly dead batteries.

Now today the sun is shining and the wedding is this afternoon.

Let us pray this nightmare doesn’t continue.

Funny, now we have this nightmare story to tell everyone at the wedding.

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