Wedding Wrap Up Melissa and Stephan

melissa stephan

This morning, the sun rose, and it was glorious. The nightmare of the night before was over. The power came back on, in the middle of the night, after we burned both batteries in our phones, using one for light and mine for i Heart Radio, on CJAD.

By 1 a.m. both batteries were dead, and we went to sleep.

We visited McDonald’s for breakfast before coming back to prepare for the wedding this afternoon. We both cleaned up nicely. The Ancaster Mill is a beautiful vintage wedding location, with chapels, indoors and out. A beautiful waterfall feature that we all took pictures in front of. Everybody live shot the day on all social media platforms. I mainly use Instagram at ( jeremy 1350 ) …

All of our nieces and nephews were very glad we came for the day, including Melissa and her new hubby, Stephan. We even got a special shout out at the reception by Melissa, because there were a number of us there, from far away, like France, England and from all across the country. We did not expect that, it was very cool.

The wedding chapel was beautiful s were the dresses. Melissa’s gown was gorgeous, and the groomsmen were very dapper. We were very pleased to know that our presence was special to those that it mattered to.

All of our nieces and nephew Adrian are so grown up. They’ve all got so adult …

During the ceremony, the bride and groom had a “hands” ceremony. Standing in front of family and friends, the officiant spoke about the two hands being held together, Melissa and Stephan. I grabbed hubby’s ring hand and held it in mine as they recited the hand vows. We both cried … It was a beautiful moment.

We had great conversations and caught up with family we have not seen, since the last family reunion we had in Ottawa many, many years ago. We all pledged to each other that we would take time in the future to visit people and places.

The venue was fantastic. The food was outstanding. The menu was varied for every taste, our young crowd is very “food conscious” we all ate very well. We ate more tonight than we usually do on any given day.

It was good to be seen, and very important to be seen as well. We may have been the only gay couple in the room, some of hubby’s family came to our wedding 14 years ago, and longevity is the key, in marriage.

But more important is … To Be Happily Married !!!

Some people, are not happy at all.

But all that matters is that the younger adults were happy to see us.

A good day was had by all.

Tomorrow is a long day of train travel back home for everybody.

My father in law cam solo, as my mother in law is recovering from spinal surgery, and is not doing well at all. They are both growing too old to remain in the homestead much longer and he mentioned selling the homestead. Hopefully sooner than later, before something catastrophic happens to one or the other.

We pledged, each in our own ways, hubby and I to do whatever we could to help out, whenever or where ever.

More to come, stay tuned…

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