Sunday Sundries: Weekend Wrap Up


The CN Tower, looking towards from outside the Union Station Go Bus Platform.

After ten hours of travel today, we walked in the door to home at ten minutes to nine this evening. Today was a long travel day, and I was not sure if hubby would make it in one piece. It was touch and go, when we got to Toronto.

Our daily routine was thrown out of whack, our daily naps did not happen, and we were on the go for the entire weekend, after the nightmare beginning to the trip and the wind storm and blackout in Hamilton.

The wedding was beautiful. Seeing family was the best part. Being appreciated made it all worth it. However, like I said the other night, some people never change, and some people are just not happy at all.

But we connected with our younger nieces and nephew Adrian. We will have more game players to join us at the Board Game Cafe, when I go to visit my best friend next.

We departed Hamilton this morning at 10:15 a.m. We took the Go Bus to Toronto, because there was no Go Train service on Sunday. We were plainly tired. And the bus ride seemed much shorted than the commuter train on Friday evening. But traffic going into Toronto was a nightmare.

We drove past the lake front. It was beautiful. There was a Marathon being run on the lake front today. We did not get that far in our sightseeing.

We arrived at Union Station at noon, with three hours to kill. Since you cannot check luggage and leave it in a station, we had to drag the bags where ever we wanted to go.

Hubby was on thin ice emotionally. But he asked me what I wanted to do, and he walked with me to the CN Tower, which was not all that bad.

Toronto is a HUGE city. There is Concrete, Glass and Metal, as far as the eye can see. I mean every square block of downtown Toronto is BUILDINGS …. Yes, there is the water front property, but I imagine if you lived anywhere inside the downtown core, one must have to pay BIG BUCKS to live there.

I imagine the majority of people like us, could only afford to live in the suburbs and commute into the city for work and play. On Friday afternoon when we arrived in Toronto, Union Station was crawling with people.

Rush Hour Toronto is a nightmare.

Today, when we got to Union Station, the Go Platform was empty. I was having serious Deja Vu …

So we hoofed it from Union to the CN Tower. When we got there, I took some photos, and we started to go inside, but hubby vetoed that decision when the security agent told us it would cost nearly $80.00 CAD to go up the tower.

He was like NOPE … SEE YA !!!


The Aquarium just outside the CN Tower. And the Roger’s Center.

I took a few more photos, and we cabbed it back to Union Station, where we had lunch, albeit we spent almost $60.00 on lunch because it was a restaurant IN Union Station and not a cheap dive above ground.

I have to say that if you have to travel a fair distance and you don’t need to fly, and you have time to waste, VIA RAIL is a great choice. The trains are clean, well-appointed. the seats are comfortable and the views on our trip out and back were stunning.

I take a bus to Ottawa, because the bus station is only 5 blocks from my best friends apartment on Bank Street, an easy walk from the Ottawa bus station.

We’ve never traveled on VIA RAIL before, and we were pleased very much with the train ride out and back. It was five hours to and five hours back from Toronto.

Our final word on Toronto was … Not our cup of tea. Hubby really does not like Toronto at all. I think if we were there with a place to stay in the downtown core, and no luggage to drag around and more time, and some ample rest before hand, we could have had a better time of it, than we did today.

We love Montreal. Our city has chic. And it has a style that Toronto does not. Montreal is NOT ALL Concrete, Glass and Metal. We got to see night-time views of downtown from the Via Rail on the way in that we had never seen before.

Makes us appreciate our beautiful city all the more.

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