Tragedy and Some Thoughts

Tree of Life Temple Pittsburgh

Nothing ever good comes from violence…

I cannot begin to speak about sorrow. The killing of innocents is a crime against humanity. Saturday’s killing of eleven innocent Jewish Faithful at Tree of Life, was the worst killing of Jews in U.S. History.

Like I said, Nothing ever good comes from violence.

But you know, with every word that President Trump speaks, is another stab at the moral fabric of the nation and the world. Trump knows nothing about being Diplomatic or Human. I don’t think he even knows what it means to be a human being, because the only thing he is concerned with is himself and what’s in it for him.

And his minions do his bidding. One of them sent FIFTEEN, yes, let’s repeat that number, FIFTEEN pipe bombs to assorted critics of the president. What kind of lunatic does that ?  A Trumpian Lunatic, that’s who …

The division of the country is at an all time HIGH. And the bringing together of people, is at an all time LOW.

The only reason I have Twitter is to read news and to be able to Tweet @realdonaldtrump …

I cannot help myself at night, when I send out my presidential tweet of truth and justice. I cannot help myself because the only way to fight fire, is with fire … It may not be very healthy, but I get a rush, knowing that just maybe, the asshole in chief will read some of my very pointed and critical judgments of him.

We mourn the loss of so many innocents in Pittsburgh. The Jewish community here in Montreal, in concert with many many others, have come together in recent days and nights to remember and to mourn and to show solidarity with those who have lost family and friends.

Eternal Rest Grant Them and May Perpetual Light Shine Upon Them.

I know the question that is being asked is What does it really mean to be Jewish in today’s world ? Not that people are walking around with eyes in the back of their heads, but, it is safe to say that people are a little more wary of their surroundings, as of late.

Sad that with the vitriol being tossed into the fray, the crazies are out if force and you never know when a DELPORABLE is going to jump out from behind a bush and WHACK YOU !!!

Yes, I said the word DEPLORABLE …

Because that’s what they are, every single one of them. Those forever Trump and those I only have eyes for TRUMP are all DEPLORABLE !!!

If you do ONE POSITIVE THING, you MUST VOTE if you live in the U.S.

It is a Moral Imperative.

We must be decisive and speak as one, because we are not going to take this shit any longer.

You are either with us or you are against us … Who Said that ???? G.W.B. 

The weather is beginning to get frightful. It has been miserably cold, and rainy. On last nights trip out I dressed appropriately, but found when I got to the meeting, I was colder than I had been in a while.

I bought a new NIKE SNOOD. That is a neck warmer and face guard for footie goalies. I bought it from a shop in the U.K. I found it to work very well.

They say it might be clear for the kiddies on Wednesday night for Trick or Treating. Like I said, it has been raining steadily for days now.

Sunday we sat a Group Conscience meeting for St. Matthias. And it was a gloriously sane and calm event. There really were no grievance to air, and in the end, we only had a list of simple things to talk about, logistical really, as our moderator spoke of. Easy Peasy …

Last night we talked about sobriety and wealth, in the form of economic insecurity from the Big Book. The Family Afterwards.

Sobriety takes time, and not everything all comes back at once and at the same time. Before you can receive, one must be spiritually fit, in the sense that there is an order to the universe, and when we get sober, things come back, ever so slowly. As attested by my own personal experience with money, wealth and material success.

Some people don’t read this chapter of the book right way. but there is some good advice there to have for the future.

We had three anniversaries. One of our young women, who struggled over the holidays last winter, made her year. I told her that if she stayed sober over last Christmas, I guaranteed her that she would STAY sober. And she did. Because I have had opportunity to remind of of Christmas night, last Christmas on several occasions when she was in the thick of it.

A couple more women got a year and another four years. We are so very proud of all of our girls.

We packed the house with upwards of 90 people last night.

And we are staying at our new location. We had our business meeting and a friend and I forced a non confidence vote on the old location, because they have been dicking us around for months and months, so we forced the issue and had a solid vote to remain in our new location for the long haul, because that church has given us carte blanche, and told us that we were welcome to use the space as long as we needed it, no questions asked, AND the rent is cheap.

In 40 days … I hit seventeen years !!!

Hopefully and by the Grace of God.

2 thoughts on “Tragedy and Some Thoughts

  1. First, congratulations on your upcoming anniversary. You will make it. As regards Squirrel Hill-and the slaughter of innocents, anywhere, I am furious! As a member of the Baha’i Faith, whose fellows in faith are regularly and systematically being jailed and/or slaughtered in Iran and Yemen, I am particularly sensitive to what is going on with Jews, worldwide, as well as with Christians in Muslim-majority countries, like Pakistan and Indonesia. I am equally concerned with the slaughter of Muslims in socialist Myanmar, whose leader is unequivocally stoking the fires of hate just as much as Trump is, here in the U.S. of A. No truly human soul, in these days, can ignore the effects of the political leadership’s vitriol, or even its studied indifference, on the interactions between people of various ethnic and faith-based groups. Montreal will always be intensely dear to my heart. After my car was ransacked, near Mount Royal, some wonderful people came to my aid, in various ways, and I never felt alone or further threatened. May your community know only peace and harmony, in the hard days to come.


    • Hello,
      There is so much more to say about what has been done to so many. And I am not immune to those thoughts either. I hope Montreal was good to you even after your car being ran sacked. Montrealer’s are good people. Come back and visit us again. Thanks for writing.

      Liked by 1 person

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