2019: Goals, I Don’t Want to become Old and Fat !!!

I know how people make New Year Resolutions, and though they might stick for a few weeks, in the end, resolutions become failures. I follow a particular gentleman who lives in Toronto and is a body builder. I want his body, but that is just impossible. Anyways, he posted the other day saying that he hoped that people in the gym system would be kind, respectful and tolerant of newbies in the gym, this New Year.

Like the Gym, the rooms get a bit more traffic come the new year, with people who either think they have a problem, or they come and deny they have a problem and just want to cut down, so to speak … They show up.

I’ve been on this Keto Diet for more than two years now. I’ve lost 50 pounds so far, and my tummy is beginning to disappear, ever so slowly. My friends over at Odyn are supportive and we all want the best for each other. The fitness Gods and Goddesses are role models for the rest of us, who want to not only dress the part, but actually Be The Part too.

I have a distaste for Old Gay Fat Men. I don’t want to get any older and also, I do not want to gain weight to make me Old, Gay and FAT ! UGH !!!

I am active, I walk a lot. I eat a healthy diet. I don’t eat junk food and I diet appropriately. I watch many of my friends I grew up with, and they have their fair share of medical problems. My approach to self care, differs from the way many of my friends self care. My friends struggle and I talk to them, but they don’t want to listen, nor take on board most of what I say, so I am talking to deaf ears.

Many of my friends have grown up, but more distressingly, they have grown OUT. I don’t want to grow out, any further than I have due to my own medical challenges. We tweak my drugs every so often, which then has a direct impact on my body both medically and physically.

A membership at the local gym is in the cards. This is not a resolution, per se, but a commitment to myself and my friends, that I want to step up my fitness game, not become a gym bunny, or some wanna be fit guy.

This is the real game. Not a dress rehearsal. I don’t want my fifties to be a DOWN THE HILL roll into old age. I don’t want to become a miserable old fat gay man. I just think old and fat is repulsive. It’s not a look I want for myself. Almost all of the hair on my head is still dark, however I have a wisp of grey, ala Jamie Curtis style.

This is the year to make change. Take care of yourself. Be good to yourself, and be fit, as you can. If you can move well, then make it work for you.

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