The Calm After the Storm

After the flood, God sent a rainbow, saying, in essence, “Never Again.” Tonight, this was our view from the living room windows.

The blizzard of yesterday dumped 24 cm of snow. And tonight, it is MINUS
(- 30c) outside.

I took today off because it was bitterly cold outside so I stayed home tonight, and enjoyed some down time. Not that I like down time at home. But it is what it is.

I might have gotten a major workout in yesterday. My arms are killing me today. Some ask the question, how long do I train? The high rollers push through to group failure. I train in a very simple manner. I work an entire circuit in the weight room. Yesterday I pounded weights because I had them to myself. Then I stretch on the mats, then I run.

Yesterday, there was a young guy to my right, who was cranked up to full speed. He had his phone in one hand and waving the other, was really trying to get somewhere. I attempted to match his pace, but I failed in keeping up with him. Then a young woman got on the mill to my left and starting out gently, she cranked it up as well.

I was like, fucked in a way …

I ran for a little longer, and then gave it up. Tomorrow is another day, in the fight for a better body.

I keep in mind this simple thought:


Absolutely not.

My team of supporters all know what’s going on with me and I check in daily with them when I train. So I get pointers and training exercises.

More to come.

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