Emergency Key

The last three days have been interesting. My first choice in the device pieces (rings) were a bit too large, at 2 inches. And things were not fitting well. When I got up this morning, I decided to throw a Hail Mary Pass, and take a run into the village to seek out an emergency key, so I did not have to bother my key holder for my set. And change to a 1 and 7/8’s ring.

I was not sure if the keys that unlock the locks on this particular device were universal, meaning, that any key for this particular device will unlock any lock for this model. I arrived and my friend met me downstairs and quite nervously, I asked him for one of the keys.

He stopped and asked me why I needed a key from him, and who had my keys? I told him that my key holder had my set, and I needed to make a change to the set up, and could I use another key from the cabinet?

He gave me a key and I set into the bathroom for major surgery. This particular device has 2 parts, that must line up inside of pin holes in the master ring, connecting to the outer device. Then you have to unscrew/screw the locking pin, holding the two parts in an aligned setting.

Let me tell you that the first time I had to do this at home, when I bought it, took me a while. This morning, it took me even longer. It took me about twenty minutes to seal the deal, having stripped off my shirts, and drawing blood because I kept sticking myself with the connection pins, instead of lining them up with the pin holes in the master ring.

I’ve decided that this device is NOT coming off any time soon. In fact, I don’t think I am going to take it off for the term set out, because of the aggravation of trying to put it back together.

And even then, if I make it to the end, and not crack up, in between, I just might keep it in place until I feel the need to remove it.

That is … If I don’t crack up in the interim.

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