The Curve – Early Review

It has been a day, IN, the Curve Chastity device. My early remarks still hold. CB-X sells the entire package as a unit. Like I said earlier today, CB-X sells package sets, of various numeric CB- 3000 and CB- 6000 sets.

They also sell parts individually. And since I learned that they sold individual parts, that complement the CB 3000/6000 systems, and can be used interchangeably, that made my decision to shop from them appealing.

I began with the purchase of additional side items that complement the CB systems. The Package Sets come with an entire system of space rings, of various sizes, extension rings that are used to either extend or draw back the base ring and the cage portion of the device.

Once you add the other items, like the Points Of Intrigue, then the other sized spacers come into usage, because you are adding length to the connection pin, so you need the proper spacing tube to attach the Points, and connect the cage to the unit, then get it to lock.

The device package comes with 1 lock, and 2 keys. And it also comes with three plastic registered locks that can be used, in lieu of the pad lock.

Everything in the Chastity system works together, as a unit, and you can, by choice, add to the dimension and creativity of your chastity experience.

The Points of Intrigue runs you $49.95 CAD, plus shipping and the exchange, because they calculate CAD for me automatically. The Plastic Registration Locks will run you (30 count $15-95 CAD).

I’ve been using the Curve addition all day. It fits like a glove. I said earlier that The Curve is a larger solid cage, that is wider/and longer/than the original CB-6000 Plastic Cage.

In order to get into the original cage, Insertion is easier if you are an average man. My friend that I purchased a CB-6000 for in early summer, did it in one shot, with a little lube assistance. He did not have an insertion problem, and his is still on him to date.

I, on the other hand have found that some chastity devices, I have tested from other sellers, who asked me to review their products, the cages were small. They indeed had larger cages, but on the whole, when I made the order to test the product, I chose the mainstream cage, sadly, it was too small, and the product was sub standard, and rather than say negative things about a high selling item to a particular demographic, I chose to say nothing, and thank them for the experience. But moved on from it.

I found that that CB-6000 cage worked for a while, but after my medical misfortune and problem with a severe genital infection, I could no longer fit in the cage properly, and I went back to the Bon-4 metal cage, until the Curve arrived today.

I love the Curve cage. It fits wonderfully, and I am very pleased with the purchase, and would recommend this product for you to try.

If you buy the CB-6000 in a retail sex shop, you can buy several products, the CB-3000, the CB-6000 and the CB- 6000 Curve, in specific packs with the pieces that come with them.

In the pack you will find the CB-X info flyer, inside the pack. And you can go to the site and register, and then shop the additional parts, as individual items, if you buy a full pack and find the cage might be too small for you.

The general thought in chastity devices that most men come in one size. That is a misnomer. We don’t all come in one standard size, as I have found as I have continued this chastity journey.

One cannot test chastity devices because of the bodily fluid issue, so if you are going to buy a chastity device, be sure of the size of your member against the size of the cage.

The CB-6000 cage is standard. The CB-6000 Curve is larger. I recommend that if your Mister is larger than normal, and you don’t fit the standard sizing options of the general CB product, going a step larger might make your purchase better, and you won’t have to shop a larger cage once you get home, if you find you are larger than the cage in accommodation.

Like I said … Once you buy, you cannot return it.

If you buy it, it is yours, then it falls to your wallet to purchase a larger cage, that if you are properly informed before you buy, you won’t be making additional purchases to find the right sized cage for your system.

Buyer Beware !!!

I love my CB-6000 system. It is a much better product made of serious hypo-allergenic solid plastic that is thick and secure. Much better than other products I have tested for other sellers.

If your Mister is Larger than usual, then go with the CB-6000 CURVE.

You won’t be disappointed.

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