“Right then and there, Ebby established the principle that A.A. in action calls for the sacrifice of much time and a little money.” ABSI 324

I am Responsible, when anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of A.A. to always be there, and for that I am Responsible.

What do you invest into your sobriety ?

Many years ago, when I came in, I was told that I never would have to leave the circle for anything, if ever I needed something, all I had to do, was go to a meeting, and ask.

Hence, the before and after the meeting importance.

The fellowship always provided for me. Whenever I needed it, in whatever form I needed it to be in. All I can say for today is this: Sobriety in 2019, is not the same as Sobriety in 2001.

We are on the front lines of the war, I heard it said tonight. We are all in this fight together, one and all, man or woman. Sometimes people in this war fall, some go out, and some die. But we must keep on marching, even over those dead bodies to get to the proverbial beach head of sober town.

I’ve invested years of my life to helping others, even when I was a university student, I did what I could, as I was able. helping others is a way of life. It is what we do, whenever we are asked to step up and help.

Yesterday I got a text from a rehab friend of mine looking for a meeting in the town of Ferni B.C. I don’t know BC very well, but he had a woman who would be leaving the rehab soon and returning out West, and she needed a contact before she got there.

Not knowing what to do, at first, I thought that the first place I needed to go was our local inter group office. I made the call, and the director turned me over to a man who was on the physical help line IN the office, who had a directory in front of him. I did not have a directory link here at home, nor the physical book either.

We started in Fernie, and worked From East to West, from one side of the mountain range through Fernie, and out to the West, as far as needed to find the closest listed GSR that was listed in the Canadian Directory for B.C.

The closest town was Cranbrook B.C. about an hours drive from Fernie to the West around a mountain pass, and through a valley system. He texted me a picture of that page of the book, which I passed on to my friend.

Last night, after I set up the Thursday meeting, I took the Canadian Directory and my phone running Google Maps, and I worked the line as far as I could get to find a GSR. I had found a list of ten numbers.

Thinking that I should check to see how helpful those numbers were, I started calling them from Montreal to B.C. for an hour I made phone calls and got varied responses. Several men listed, no longer attended A.A. several phone numbers were no longer in service. Finally, I got two numbers that went directly to voice mail.

I wrote those numbers down, and when my rehab friend showed up we spoke about them. He had made a few calls for her as well himself. Between the two of us, our woman is connected to a live sober human on the other end when she gets home.

I like to think that sober fact finding missions always prove worth it in the end, because we all learn something about people, in other places. And that the books seriously need to be updated, and soon.

I work with others, and have been for a few years now. I invest a lot of time with my guys, and when I can, even with the girls and women, because the trend in sober young women is not good. Watching long sober women go back out and drink again, in double digit territory is hard and is harder on their sponsees. I try to help when it is possible to help.

Our young women are starving for long sober women. And they are far and few between, as are the older men in the fellowship as well.

If the need arises that I need to invest treasure into a sober investment, I ponder if I am able, to what end will it go to, and if an investment is wise, because they say, or some say, that you don’t give money to an alcoholic or a drug addict.

I beg to differ.

Sometimes you have to step out into the unknown, if you know someone well enough that any investment made will, in the end, have a good ROI. Return on Investment.

Todd always told me that in order to keep his command to help others, that one day, I would have the opportunity to help someone to the degree that Todd helped me, and in those actions, you might change a life in ways you cannot imagine.

So I invest when necessary to see one of my guys better themselves.

many men and women invested Time, Talent, and Treasure to help me get and stay sober, so it is up to me to pay that good fortune forward, and help another human get on the path and stay on the path for as long as I can.

But I do remember that I am powerless over people, places and things, and sometimes things don’t go as planned. And I have experienced that too. So I judge each situation wisely based on history and performance.

My investments have proved to be fruitful, so that is a good thing.

When we are called on to be present, We Are Present.


You might be the only Big Book, someone may ever read.

Step up, be present, and give back.

Give as you were freely given.

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