Disrespect …

Tonight, like every other night, I did my service. I get there early, I do my job, then I sit and wait for folks to show up.

I don’t owe anyone the privilege of the explanation and the telling of the story of the collar I wear, and why I wear it. I reserve that right to only explain myself to those closest to me.

One of those women arrived early and she inquired, and I told her the truth, and she understood my truth, and respected my choice. This is my life and my statement of self.

A second lady showed up and sat with us, as we talked, and from her mouth came these words: “Jeremy, why are you wearing that piece of shit necklace? It looks like shit, you should take it off.”

Bitch …

It is obvious that since the day I put this collar on, people have been judging me left and right, and seem to know the truth, and they tell me what they think it means, however, no one has come close.

It seems, what I wear dictates how people treat me in public, in meetings, so to speak. They see something different, they make a judgment call, and they run with it.

I will not be disrespected. Period !!!

That’s the problem with straight people, and alcoholics are lumped in that grouping, because all of my friends, be they men or women, are straight. I haven’t seen many gay fellows I know, and for that matter, they want nothing to do with me, so that is a non issue.

Most of the men I hang with, have said nothing to the negative about my choices lately. They treat me with respect and dignity.

Other alcoholics, not so much.

If you cannot respect me then keep your fucking mouth shut. I don’t owe you an explanation, if you don’t really matter to my life. You can sit and wonder.

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