Boulevard Station


A small little unassuming nightclub atop a building in Daytona Beach, the haven for young boys on a weekend night, a haunt we used to travel to to get out of Orlando. With video terminals that played videos from the DJ booth.

The time was the late 80’s and young boys and girls gathered to dance, vogue and to play pool. It was a great time to be young, because Billy took care of us in his weekend club. We spent many weekends at this club, listening to music from the 80’s. I am listening to Virtual DJ online and “Strange love” is playing and I am reminded of this memory.

When I was a Light tech in the early 90’s at the Stud, we used to play trash disco and early music from the 1980’s in the club. The music of the 80’s is a backdrop to the lives of many young people who were growing up in that age.

We used to travel over the the Hollywood club, where Mother held court. It was a time of intensity and personal highs and lows. Much happened in those years, good and bad. The Boulevard Station was brightly lit with deco lighting and a hard wood dance floor. It was a great space to party in.

This was the time of khaki pants and penny loafers when I was a young preppy boy, Danny is apt to say I was cute [emphasis on the WAS] now I have aged and fattened like the sacrificial calf. He says I had a special smile, I guess I did, if he remembers it to this day. Flattery will get you everywhere…

Danny himself was a fantastic dancer. He knew his steps and his moves like a professional, I guess this was a major portion of our friendship then. I know we went out dancing a great deal, not that my memory is that sharp on the specifics. But I guess I am in this space to write about this time of my life, because now Danny can fill in the blanks.

I had met a father – brother team his name was Damian, I had it bad for him. They worked at the Hollywood club in Daytona. That was a good memory from Daytona Beach. They were good people, and we had some great times together, but in the end my heart was broken, there is nothing worse than falling for a man who you know isn’t going to return the feelings in the way that you expect him to, I think that was one of my major flaws then. Damian had medical issues that were well above what I could handle but he was a human of the highest caliber, who respected me and our friendship. Alas, good things did not last for long.

A lot transpired during those years that I am glad that I have forgotten, the mania and the crazy men that I was involved with, and the lengths I went to enable self destruction. One of the brighter moments of that incarnation of myself was my dating Radar. He was a boy that worked at the Carribbean Beach Resort at the Tragic Queendom… I really liked him. But once again, that did not last.

Girls just want to have fun… Cyndi Lauper!! YAY !!

Music was such a wonderful part of life in those days, you don’t have that kind of identification these days, no anthems to tell a story, well, life has changed since then and the old anthems remind us of where we have been and what we went through.

We have a club here in Montreal called ‘Parking’ that has a trash disco Saturday night format and as well ‘Le Tube,’ is a video bar that we have been to several times, which I happen to like, although we don’t usually bar hop into the village at night, one because the metro doesn’t run late, and the taxi costs upwards of $10.00 cad a trip in each direction and the night bus is a scary proposition after hours, you never know what you are going to see or happen to you late night on the strip.

There is something to be said about kinship and the feeling of emotion that wells up inside of me to know that someone from my past has reentered my life at this particular moment of time, I believe that there are no coincidences. It is like I have picked up where I left off because my heart is right there in the mix. Friendship is something that I take very seriously. Good friends are necessary for a rounded life and I am loyal to the core of my being, you seriously have to mess up for me to cancel you off my friends list. Now I have second chance to rekindle a special friendship, that I am going to work very hard at maintaining. I’m babbling endlessly now…


Anyways, that is a snapshot of a memory that has risen out of my mind at this moment of the day, maybe more later…

I love you Danny…

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  1. Wow. Great reading and it took my memories right back there too. I used to work at the Boulevard Station from early 90s until it closed. I went out there since it had been Spectrum, an underage club, before it became the Boulevard Station. Thank you.


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