Thursday … A Little Bit of Everything

tumblr_ln3takPnYT1qemrxpo1_500 dyingwontkillyouCourtesy: Dying Won’t Kill You …

After yesterday’s miserable weather, today was magnificent. It was warm, with blue skies, a light breeze, a picture postcard day, that many agreed tonight, we’d like to see for the rest of the summer.

Today was moving day for many folks, who put it off for twenty four hours because of the shitty weather. I was roused out of bed this morning by Team Baby Mama and only had time to get dressed, (then rifled through my kitchen bagging everything that we don’t use or haven’t used in ages)… They picked me up and off we went to move Baby Mama into her forever home.

You wanna hear something STOOPID ??? yeah, of course you do…

They took up the carpets and put down hard wood floors in her apartment. Then they painted. They painted everything that stood still. They did not take any of the face plates off the walls for the electrical sockets nor the light switches. They just slapped paint all over them.

Now the apartment has three pronged plugs throughout the apartment. But none of the three pronged plugs are usable because they painted right over the plugs, the plugs are all plugged up with paint, making them unusable. Cheap, Cheap, Cheap …

Can you say STOOPID !!!

All thing considered, the apartment is furnished. We are missing some tables and a sofa for the living room, but both bedrooms have beds/cribs/draperies. A handful of women donated a boat load of housewares, kitchen gadgets, microwave and other assorted thingamabobs.

It was a very successful day.

I headed home for a break, then headed off for our Thursday fare.

Last month we heard an Old Timer, with a little time. Tonight, we heard his wife speak, and she has a little bit more time. They met when he was in rehab here in the city, as she was working with the women in the same house where he was, and they were introduced.

She adopted him. Then asked him out on a date, which came after several requests.

Over many cups of coffee and a few meetings later, they got married. Both are in their seventies today. Who says, sobriety does not pay off, when you stick around long enough?

Both had stories about Montreal in the 1940’s. I always like great stories.

One of our long standing members took his twenty seven year cake.

It was a good day and a great night.

More to come, stay tuned …

That post on the disease of MORE is still percolating …

Tuesday – Life Update & Working with Others

BabyL2It’s a baby …

It has been a very exciting couple of days.

Monday early on, my lady friend and I set out for the airport, via the express shuttle from our local Metro Hub. Arriving at the airport, Baby Mama’s flight was due in twenty minutes early, which only gave us a few minutes heads up to get flowers for mama and a balloon for LuLu.

In the arrivals area, there is a barrier that one is not supposed to cross, into the baggage claim area proper. People were crossing the barrier in front of us.

Across the arrivals hall we spied baby mama and LuLu coming. I crossed the barrier and went and greeted her and gathered her luggage and stroller/car seat contraption.

It was a cathartic moment, the day we all worked so hard for, for the last year.

There were tears and lots of hugs. Then the realization that mama was here and that it really happened.

We gathered the bundles and ourselves and took a taxi to her condo where she is staying. It is right down the hill from where she will be living come July 1st.

I have to say that AIR BNB have some really nice properties. And kind folks running them.

The condo is a basement suite with washer/dryer, (read: Fully furnished to high spec) Full kitchen/dining room, Full size bed/room, Fully stocked bath. Security system and A.C. and Heating. The living room is handsomely furnished with a flat screen HD tv and surround sound stereo system.

While we unpacked, the reality was starting to hit.

My lady friend took mama and baby grocery shopping, my old sponsor picked me up and we headed home to get the boxes and furniture that has arrived here for the baby. We drove back to the condo and unpacked and I put together the furniture and un-boxed the rest of the goodies baby mama had ordered.

We were all famished and exhausted, it seemed neither of us got very much sleep Sunday night, we ordered some Chalet Barbeque and shared a simple meal. Miss LuLu was a handful and was beginning to realize she was some place new, a new home and lots of new faces.

I think it was all a little too much for LuLu.

We took our leave around seven, when the second string ladies came to visit with mama and baby, so she was not alone. By the time I got home, I was pooped. I crashed.

This evening I met mama and we walked up to the meeting, stopping to show her where she would be living next month. Everything is local. The daycare is just down the road next to the new hospital complex, adjacent to the Vendome Metro station.

The new apartment is up the hill just a few minutes walk, and is equidistant between Villa Maria and Vendome Metro’s. The Tuesday meeting is just across the street from home.

The folks at the meeting tonight were warm and welcoming. The issue of the baby did not come up, it was wise that people kept that opinion to themselves, because by the end of the meeting Mama was in tears of gratitude that she was so warmly welcomed.

All part and parcel of who we really are. Warm and welcoming.

We finished Joe and Charlie. 35 weeks of Big Book lectures.

And the angels sang, Hallelujah !!!

If there is one thing this group has proven in the last year, is that we will go to any length to help our friends. Inside or outside the room. It took a village to make this event yesterday come together. Finding a home, seeing it and securing the address, going to the daycare and arranging baby care, (that was no small task). Then taking care of arrival and getting into her home, away from home.

This is departure week for my guys. Summer Camp starts next week, so people are traveling to get settled in early. Summer Camp is home away from home, it gives our folks another perspective so that they can devote their other skill sets to the task at hand.

Bittersweet because they will be gone until late August.

We are all very grateful and we could not be happier to have baby mama and miss LULU home with us. Their new chapter of life is now open.

More to come, stay tuned …

Little Meetings Need Love Too …

11088247_696573470453146_8437009207107910408_nIt was an Up/Down kind of day. A little rain, a little wind, then clearing just in time for rush hour traffic. Which really did not have any effect, in lessening rush hour traffic !

They say that “If you can, live by the seat of your pants, then do it …”

Kind of like, not wearing underwear … I never leave the house without my butt covered.

I got a call from a friend this morning, asking me to hit another meeting tonight. Of course, I said yes, because, I will go where ever this particular friend asks me to go, anytime.

I don’t usually plan my days, they just happen, aside from the regular meetings schedule, but that can always change if a better choice is offered.

I kind of like living dangerously !!

There are several competing meetings on Thursday night. Two of them are in NDG, across town, and down the road. Bus and Metro meetings. The third is right up the street in Westmount,

My day consisted of receiving packages for my mama friend, who is returning from New Found Land in a couple of weeks. What she can’t bring on a plane, she is buying and shipping to me to store. What we can donate to her, will seriously help her bottom line spending.

So far we have lots of baby furniture, dishes, a dining room set, and another friend, will have furniture and kitchen appliances, so that she won’t have to buy them, in any case.

Along with her stuff that came was a little something for me. The first of two packages that traveled the world to get here. I logged into EBAY last week, and my front page was filled with little impulse things, they probably thought I’d like, to either look at, or more to the point BUY !!!

I have plenty of shoes, from all over the place. I bought a sweet pair of combat boots from a friend some years ago, and this past Winter, my left boot began to take on water during a stroll out to dinner on a winter’s night. My local shoe repair is being remodeled so that is a no go.

In any case, a sweet pair of Military Tactical Combat Boots were on offer, and the price was right, so they are on their way from China. Ebay has become an international store front. They used to only show you items for sale in ones region, and if you wanted to shop on other Ebay locales, one has to log into that area, which usually brings with it, Google Translate.

I shop in the U.K., Germany, China, the U.S. and Canada. Now on Ebay, I get search results for all over the world on the same page. But for specialty items, I go shop direct.

I had the afternoon to do nothing and take a power nap before I had to go.

I took the train into NDG and got picked up for the evening event. I had been to this particular church before, I used to go to another meeting there, in the past. I don’t usually go into NDG for a meeting, because there are closer ones a short walk from home.

Anyways, we sat an intimate little group. When we got there, my friend said, “oh, hey, you wanna chair tonight?” I’ve never been to this meeting before, and he asked me to chair. Obviously, I said ok. What ever works.

We talked about “Things we heard from Old Timers that made a difference in our lives.”

This particular meeting was began by a guy who runs a rehab, so the chair book has the meeting script, the readings, and also pages and pages of meeting topics for discussion. I had plenty to choose from, I just chose an easy one for this evening.

I find it enjoyable going to small, intimate meetings. It was a good hour.

That little group is trying to keep the doors open, so they need a little love.

On the way home he asked me if going there was a problem, and I said no, a meeting is a meeting where ever it is. If you wanna go there you make the time and put forth the effort to get there, no matter where it is.

It’s a little more work to get there, but smiles on one’s friend’s faces is priceless.

A good night was had by all.

More to come, stay tuned …