To Thine Own Self Be True … Honoring Lives … Trans Lives Matter

556cd6644ae56e586e4588d8_caitlyn-jenner-bruce-jenner-july-2015-vfCopyright – Vanity Fair – Annie Leibovitz Photographer

I was just a boy, when Bruce Jenner won the decathalon at the Montreal 1976 Summer Olympics. He was the star of the Olympic Games that year. He went on to grace the box covers of Wheaties cereal and he was the hottest ticket in town for millions of children who would grow up to be athletes like Bruce.

In my teens, I crossed paths with Jenner once again. I actually baby sat his first kids from his first marriage. Long before the Kardashians ever were known to God and man.

The most important trans gendered woman presented herself to us today, with one sentence:

“Call me Caitlyn.”

I watched her interview with Diane Sawyer and I listened to the Kardashian clan speak their minds since. But I wonder, how do you appease everyone when you are in a body that isn’t what you wish it to be?

We know, and history shows us, just how fear and intolerance keeps us in our respective closets, keeping secrets and living lives that are not totally honest. She didn’t share everything with those she should have and we know today that resentments rose.

But can you blame her for the fear that she must have been living under for so long? My God the weight of the world is carried on so many shoulders today. What will people say, what will they think? Will my family toss me on to the street alone and destitute?

I think we can say that Caitlyn will never be thrown out on the street by family and that she will never be poor or alone. She will have everything that she needs to live and prosper from this point on.


Ignorance is alive and well. Just click on any social media thread that is focusing on this Big Reveal today. There is plenty of ignorance and stupidity to go around.

And those pesky Christians are the most guilty of ignorance and intolerance in God’s Kingdom.


I am sure that every one of you, my readers, KNOW or KNOW OF someone who is trans today. And if you are still in the NO column, then let me add that we are just degrees of separation from someone who is or is going through transition.

I know. And I know of. and I am familiar with, on a personal level, one particular little girl who is the daughter of very good friends. She knew early on who she was, being born into a body that did not represent who she was and we are all amazed at just how hard her family work every day to make her life meaningful and loving. She is a rock star.

Coming out … And I’ve done it several times, brings with it certain fear and dread.

Times have changed over the past twenty years. And Lives matter. We’ve all learned at just how fluid gender and the definition of gender really is. And it is only in the last decade where that fluidity was given its proper place in the spectrum of life experience.

We’ve moved from Sexuality to Sexual Orientation to Gender Orientation and finally to Trans community discussion and little by slowly, trans orientation and sexual reassignment.

We owe every human being love and acceptance. We owe every human being the right to be or to become who they need to be, and not ignorantly insist that they remain in the body and with the gender that they were born in, without regard to who they believe they are.

Every life was created by a loving God. And is honored by God.

In God’s scheme of things, there are NO mistakes.

We should honor Caitlyn and her decision to become the woman she wants to be.

And we should tell our children, should they ask, or find that they are, trans, that, that is ok.

Times have changed. So should our views of humans and human sexuality.

This is for you Rose … We love you so much.