Friday … Offensive People

tumblr_msohxxcSvW1qkwkmpo1_500 minhos21Courtesy: Minhos21 – Because sometimes you need a happy dog photograph

It is late, as this entry is being written. Another successful week in the books.

I am always amazed at just how things turn out when I just go with it.

I sorted out my outline yesterday, and restructured my program a bit. Speaking to my writing coach this evening on the way to the meeting, I explained what I had done, in anticipation of our discussion over that outline tomorrow.

We talked about Change tonight, and as that was the topic of last night’s post, I need not go over those thoughts again.

The only thing we have to change in sobriety is everything.

The sooner one lets go and lets God, the easier it gets.

Funny, how folks desire to hang on to old ideas and old perceptions of themselves, deciding that if they let go and really allowed themselves to “change” they would not know who they would become, and that’s kinda the whole mystery of sobriety.

You never know what you are going to get on the other side.

I had breakfast with my sponsor this morning and I finally completed my Step 6.

After more than a year working on it.

Some people in the rooms have no class or tact whatsoever. A woman (read: militant, shaved her head, lesbian)  made comments to me in passing at the meeting that really rubbed me the wrong way. Some people don’t understand the power of the written word or what some words mean, when strung together in a certain order.

I can speak perfect CUNT too …

If you are going to comment on something I wrote, at least have read the piece correctly and understand what was written instead of giving me your judgment of the most important story in my life that I have to tell. Some people have no fucking class.

You might have more time than I do, but you sure aren’t sober.

Tomorrow is another day. We will have Portuguese pastry and coffee.

Oh and I got a copy of

Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho

With English subtitles.

Finally we get to watch it from beginning to end,and actually understand the whole story.

More to come, stay tuned …

Friday – Moving Ahead

maybeWith the weather holding steady, Friday has come and gone.

I’ve said before that Friday is the best day of the week. Because the best meeting of the week falls on Friday night. And all of my friends are in one place all at the same time.


It was a quiet day. Not having much to do, left me with plenty of time, to do nothing.

Sometimes, doing nothing is just as important as doing something.

Being busy is too easy, learning how to manage ones time, with intervals of nothingness is pretty useful. At the stage of the game, being kind to myself and doing  things just because is the norm.

I had to pick up an anny card on the way out for one of my guys, as we were celebrating his third anny tonight amongst our Friday friends because I was out of town last weekend.

The fallout continues from last weekend. I am still processing my emotions and I am still seeking counsel from my old timer friends.

Tonight, we discussed working with others, in a round about sort of way.

It was a sold night of things shared. Having solid friends who care about you early on seems to have been the key ingredient for our folks.

From the reading:

“Our chief responsibility to the newcomer is an adequate presentation of the program.”

Today, I know that my sobriety is not all about me. I’ve come a long ways from where I was the first few weeks of sobriety. And I am thankful for what I learned this time around. I wasn’t rushed to make any decisions, or start my steps before it was timely.

The right people were there when I most needed them, in the right ways.

In the beginning is was important to count my days, as the meetings was at the same time and at the same location every night of the week. Montreal sobriety forces you to really work for your time, having to travel to different locations on a nightly basis.

In the beginning it was about healing my soul through fellowship and food.

Funny, food always follows fellowship.

It is an integral part of getting sober. We do our best work over breaking bread with one another.

I was told, not long ago that I must remember to always live in the solution, and to always work towards that solution in working with others. That is my job with my guys.

That seems to work.

One of my friends is just weeks in and tonight he wanted experience, strength and hope about Step One … The only step you must do 100%.

We admitted we were powerless and that our lives had become unmanageable.

Powerlessness … That word still dogs me to this day.

That has been a real learning word.

I can’t save anyone. I can’t save the world. I can’t change anyone. I can ONLY change me.

Just a short entry tonight.

More to come, stay tuned …