You Were A Mistake … Notes and Explanations

The post below is the first post that went up, with my daily writing exercise that begins the process of writing towards my outline which I will list below. I began with writing about childhood and family and posted that exercise earlier tonight.

After talking it through with a friend, I realized that I had left out portions of the story which should be added. I will be editing that first post later this evening.

The title of the book came almost too easily. I had thought of another working title, but after a thought about it, “You Were a Mistake” was just perfect. It will be the story that explains where that phrase came from, who said it, and to whom it was meant. That is the first episode that comes on the first page of the book. That thread extends for thirty years into my life, when I finally excised it from my life, in the first of two Self Preservation Decisions I made as an adult man.

I would appreciate feedback as I upload these exercises. You might see things that I don’t as I write these entries. So please, leave a comment or two or three.

You Were a Mistake …


Prologue – Introduction

  1. Seasons – Family, Friends, School, Travels, Naked and Sacred
  2. The Elementary Years
  3. The Junior High Years
  4. The High School Years
  5. Seminary
  6. Managing a Travel Agency in my twenties
  7. Travels as a young person and as a drunk
  8. Jobs, getting them, loosing them, geographics all over Florida
  9. Coming Out – The Parliament House Stories
  10. One of the biggest mistakes I ever made … getting tossed onto the street
  11. The next move
  12. Gloria, and the spinning tornado story
  13. Another Move
  14. James
  15. Meeting Todd at the Stud – Love at first Tap
  16. Building the Stud
  17. The death of James … We had just opened the new Stud it as a few days into opening when I got the call that would begin to change my life
  18. Suicide
  19. The diagnosis of AIDS …
  • Crazy SOTB,
  • One night in Heaven,
  • The story teller,
  • Marie Wansiki, Health Link,
  • What we did to survive,
  • death across the land
  • Patti Labelle and Dennis
  • Getting sober the first time
  1. Larry and Kevin – the two greatest friends I ever had
  2. The greatest Goodbye I ever had to say
  3. Relocation,
  • sobriety, Go somewhere else, third tradition Broken
  • The First Self Preservation decision
  • geographic
  • the loss of sobriety – drug addiction
  1. The great return – survival after trauma
  2. Harry Potter Therapy
  3. Getting sober again –
  • The Second Self Preservation Decision
  • The last geographic

Meeting my husband – the angel story

  1. University
  2. The great gay wedding
  3. Life after university
  4. The story so far

So this is the working outline point by point as it covers a great deal of territory. I have a mentor who is walking me through the writing process and we meet again on Saturday.