Anglican Prayer (Celtic Form)


My Celtic Cross – Anglican Prayer Beads

Rose Wine in Color – the Cruciform Beads are Black

A Celtic Prayer

Cross: In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen

Invitatory Bead:

O God make haste to save me,
O Lord make haste to help me,
Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and
to the Holy Spirit: As it was in the
beginning is now, and will be forever.

Cruciform Beads:

Be the eye of God dwelling with me,
The foot of Christ in guidance with me,
The shower of the Spirit pouring on me,
Richly and generously.

The Weeks – Pray each Phrase on a separate bead:

I bow before the Father who made me,
I bow before the Son who saved me,
I bow before the Spirit who guides me,
In love and adoration,
I praise the Name of the one on high.
I bow and adore thee Sacred Three,
The Ever one, the Trinity.

Last time through:

Invitatory Bead – The Lords Prayer
Cross – Let us bless the Lord
Thanks be to God.


These beads came from The Solitaries of DeKoven in Texas.
Vigeat Radix Hermitage
A Community of Hermits in the Episcopal Church

Each Rosary is hand made and comes with the prayers of the person who made it. I really love this set of beads, I carry them with me every where I go. I can pray these prayers while I walk. A moving meditation, and at night before bed I recite them each night. They are exceptionally beautiful. In turn I pray for the person who made these beads and the community as a whole.

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