Dream Notes

I had another one of those dreams. It seemed to last a long time. I was on a train journey around North America, starting in the South taking the train across the southern route to California and on up to Vancouver, where I took the Via Rail across Canada traveling Eastward. I think that you can complete a full circuit of North America if you connect in certain cities, but that is neither here nor there.

The fact is that I was on this trip with particular people. There was a very certain sense that I was traveling with a group of people I was familiar with. Some of them were native peoples that lived in a particular region (I am not sure where that region was) but at the end of the trip as it played out, I ended up in a city that was very familiar, but it was an amalgamation of different technologies and transportation systems that are specific to specific cities I am familiar with. Similar to Vancouver’s sky train, this city had a complete monorail transportation system across the entire cityscape. The journey ended from the rail and transferred to a bus system that took me down gravel roads to a gated community.

This wasn’t some rich community that had walls to keep people out, but it was gated to keep ‘others’ off of the land. I have to say here that I was allowed on the land by friends I was traveling with. I walked through the gates and into a community. The forest separated this community from the rest of the local area. It was as if one walked through a portal into another ‘place’. The forest was the noticeable difference. Was it the Boreal forest, I can’t be sure.

The only reference that I have is what I learned in my Race and Ethnicity class last year. As one walked into the community down a main road that had houses in small neighborhoods we were on a high plain that had an expansive view into a valley green with trees as far as the eye could see and a pristine lake was amid the trees. I have never seen such a beautiful location. I also make a visual observation in this area that there is a huge cemetery that is located to one side of the community and stretches down an expansive tract of land down into the valley behind the community. I get a sense that this community has been here for generations seeing that the cemetery has so many grave stones and burial locations.

We are told to take notes on things that grab ones attention. Colors, visuals, people, buildings, or feelings. I know this is a spiritual place because I get a sense that there is great power – is it the land, or a spiritual force or the spirits of ancestors that protect this land? I am not sure…

I am not sure of the topography of the entire Boreal Forest but I do know that there are many native reserves on the borders of and within the Boreal Forest which spreads across the whole of Canada. I have added photos in this post to try and illustrate what I am trying to write about. It’s quite beautiful isn’t it.

The dream ends with me visiting a friend who lives in this community, I see and visit a home but the people in the home are not visual to me – but I know they are there. I can’t see their faces either. After a short visit there I depart the forest and walk back through the fence and into the real world as we know it. The two communities are unique unto themselves. This walking across the divide is akin to my Fern Gully writing some time ago.