Rage Cage

On Sunday March 31st – when I went to bed, little did I know that in a few hours, my life would change in ways I had never imagined.

In retrospect, after a conversation on Monday September 2, I would hear where this change began.

Something my friend Vincent had said to me, several times, went in one ear and out the other. But somewhere in the back of my brain it had been silently running in a dos program.

That March Sunday night, I had a chastity dream. Funny, it felt so real, like a prophetic dream. I got up the next morning on April 1st, and wrote it down here. The next thing I did was take a shower, get dressed, and went to the village sex shop, PRIAPE, to buy my first chastity device, a Bon-4 Metal Cage.

I texted Vincent and asked him to meet me for coffee. I told him about the dream, because he was IN the dream himself. And he was participating in chastity with me, by the end of the dream. I handed him my keys and told him to hang on to them and not give them back to me. He laughed…

It would take a month to percolate for him, but he did indeed wanted a device for himself, so I bought him a CB-6000. I had bought two of them, in the month of June, one for me and a second for him a week later.

Vincent and I had a dirty little secret. Porn and Masturbation.

Vincent is straight, I am Gay !

This past Monday September 2nd 2019, Vincent completed his 100 days in chastity and was successful of ridding himself of his dirty little secret. He can always have access to a cage if he wants it, but like he said, “I want a girlfriend, and I can’t do that locked up now, can I?”

Over the past 6 months, I have purchased and tested a number of chastity devices. And have been in and out of chastity for all those six months. On September 1st 2019, I began my permanent chastity run.

It has been shared with me that if you are going to go permanent chastity, then you should not use a poly carbonate cage, for certain reasons, which I have written about in the post section of the blog, over the most recent past.

So I chose to buy a Rage Cage from Fetish Toy Box in Florida. It is on its final leg today from Miami to Montreal in the USPS.

I’ve learned many things about myself these past six months and have, in stages, removed all of my porn from my desktop, because I keep that stuff on external hard drives, which are now housed in my desk file cabinet. I have deleted all my profiles and all of my porn channels that I used to haunt and download from.

When Microsoft ended their Movie Maker 2012 program and deleted it from the internet and their support, they pushed out a 2019 version that is behind a paywall. The trial version puts a big bullseye watermark in the middle of edited film. (Fuck me) The only way to stop that is to buy the version behind the paywall at $50.00 a year or so. I’m not paying for an editing suite I cannot figure out how to use. The 2012 program was simple, cut and dry program that I knew how to use intimately.

Not any more.

Coming to the end of August, I realized that masturbation has become something I don’t need to do any longer. it is just the

“Same Shit – Different Day”

kind of habit. And that had begun to bore me because the longer I was locked up in Chastity, the less and less I wanted to touch my dick.

In April and May, I failed a Diabetes drug called Jardiance and had a very serious allergic reaction to it, and I got a severe genital infection that took a month to clear up with some serious drugs. That was in the beginning of my chastity run. I was talking to my friend Ryan about it, before I knew it was a drug problem and not a me problem. Ryan had suggested that maybe chastity was not for me because I was having genital problems.

I found out in the subsequent month that indeed it was a drug problem and not a me problem. But I had to take two weeks off from chastity while my mister healed from the infection, so there is a blip in my schedule.

On and off, here and there, I was in chastity by day, but still masturbating whenever I wanted. I just took off the cage, cranked one out and put it back on.

Now, since September 1st, I’ve been locked up full time, 24/7, in preparation for my soldering of my Rage Cage on permanently when it gets here next week.

The longer I am locked up, the better my focus, the better the insight, because I am focused on what I am doing and not thinking about porn all the time, editing that porn and masturbating nightly or every other night, on and off for the last ten or more years.

I don’t have sex with my husband. His Bi-Polar status does not help, because he is not interested in sex at all, we never mention it either. If i don’t bring it up, neither does he, and that’s the way it has been for about 13 years now. So I have 13 years of jacking off and a collection of sex toys and cock rings and butt plugs to make most gay men jealous. Now all that stuff sits in boxes in my cabinet next to my desk.

I have no desire to touch my dick. Nor Masturbate any more. I am so programmed for chastity it isn’t funny. I love my cage. I love that I can wear it day and night, I don’t think about my dick and I cannot touch it either. And it feels like a second skin, I tend to forget I am wearing it until I have to use the bathroom, then I have to work it out.

The problem with the CB-6000 is the poly carbonate cage is a closed cage, that I have to take off occasionally to clean myself because you cannot clean a cage that is full and dirty inside, and that poses an infection risk for me because I am HIV+. So I have to be very careful with my genitals. Which is why I chose the open Rage Cage for my final cage choice. I can clean and remain locked for good.

I told my friend Jeffrey in Chicago that I was in chastity and so is he. He designs my clothing, and he designed also a “modesty pad” for those guys who are in chastity and wear tights. I have one of those pads myself, but never knew it was made for that reason until I told him about my chastity run.

I have the boots, I have the collar and i have chastity. I am complete now. In a few days time i will enter the Rage Cage and lock up for good. The only problem will be at airports in the future.

I giggle to myself walking through a metal detector telling the TSA agent that “yeah, I am wearing a steel chastity device, do you wanna see my dick?” I imagine the concerned look on their faces as they assess my danger level because I have a steel cage on my dick.

Then being taken to a side room so they can “Inspect my package” for threat level security. Won’t that be funny. No it won’t because it will hold up the security line if I interrupt them with a steel cage on my dick.

You know it’s the little things, right?

Don’t wear steel or metal in an airport boys.

When Vincent went home for the summer he as locked in a CB-6000 with a plastic registry key lock on his device so that he could go through security without a hassle from the TSA agents. he laughed out loud when I introduced it to him and told him that he wa going to wear it on the plane, he was like, REALLY? I was like Yup. Here is your registry lock. Now go put this on and learn to love it, and love it he did; albeit, reluctantly. he ate a lot of ice cream the first three weeks in, because he could not touch himself.

Chastity Rocks. If you want to try it, just ask me and I’ll hook you up.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it.